65% Of People Wants to Skip Online Video Ads on YouTube


Online presence is a great way to reach the massive number of customers in lesser time. And all the business and brands ensure to follow this trend. Some of the popular modes through which brands generally try to bring themselves in pop-up ads, online video ads, page takeover, etc. But unfortunately, online viewers get sometimes interrupted by those ads that suddenly starts playing in the mid of their important job. And this compels them to skip those ads. Eventually, this ad-skipping has become an ingrained behavior of the viewers. However, even though some of the viewers just skip the YouTube ads out of their habit only, it is also been noticed that people tend to remember an online ad which strikes their emotion.

While online ads come in numerous form, Pre-roll is one of the very popular one that starts playing just before the video. Also, they come with an option to skip after a certain period of time. And as per a report from IPG, most of the people are fully utilizing this skipping feature. The report revealed that around 65% people choose to tap on the skip button as soon as it has appeared on the screen. A large part of the viewers intends to do so out of their habit, around 76% do so just because it has become their inbuilt behavior.

However, the same firm IPG Mediabrands’ Media Lab also stated that as per their research, most of the brands are seeking to raise their budget twice on online video ads by 2020. So, the brands must ensure that the invested money on ads should offer fruitful outcome to have a good outcome ultimately. And this indicates that the rate of ad skipping should be much lesser. So, the question is how to reduce the rate of ad skipping?

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Here are some of the important guides following which the brands can witness some enhancement in their online ad campaign result.

Target the right people

The brands should target the right people which will automatically reduce the rate of ad skipping. People who have already used the brand earlier or else those who offer more than an average opinion about the advertised brands are the right people. So, a brand should aim to target those kinds of viewers. At the same time, it is to mention that age, income, and gender of the viewers have nothing to do with the skipping rate.

The ad should carry a good storyline

A good story is must in the ad which will help people to remember the ad and of course the much-needed brand. But the mention of the brand should be at an early stage of the story as people have much lesser patients these days. They tend to skip an ad after seeing it for 5.5 seconds of 15 seconds normally.

The ad should be emotional enough

Another important trick is connecting with the audiences emotionally. So the online ads should be emotional enough. Research on that context revealed that 43% people get attached to a high emotional commercial ad while the 32% get attached with low emotional commercial ads.

Avoid branding by the skip button

Most of the advertisers have a concept that branding by skip button offers good impact. However, this is not at all related to the skipping rate. Recent research has revealed that branding name near the skip button does nothing to help viewers remember the brand name or the ad.

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