Acer Swift 7 Laptop Finally Hits India’s Technology Market


The Swift 7 laptop from Acer has been already launched in IFA earlier and now it is being launched in India, and thus excitement is at peak. This laptop is said to be the thinnest one in the World and is the 1st one, which is thinner than 1cm-9.8mm giving it an absolutely stylish look. This laptop finally grabs India’s market and would available from November 18 for sale at the retail stores. It would be available at the exclusive Acer stores and other outlets selling laptops of Acer brand. And if you want to buy online you can get it via Flipkart.

Know the Budget and Technical Specifications

The starting price of the new Swift 7 laptop in India is Rs. 99,999. Also, excluding the thickness it carries a 13.3 inches full HD screen with 1080*1920 pixels coming out with an excellent display. Moreover, the aluminum chassis is responsible for the smart look. The Corning Gorilla Glass 5 adds a different identity that makes the laptop a real good one. It’s extremely lightweight and is only 1.1.Kg. So, you can easily carry it, and without any worries, you can handle it while traveling. Acer India in a press release said, “The flagship Swift 7 comes packed with an all-aluminium chassis that’s less than one centimeter thin and is packed in performance and stamina for all-day productivity.”

It supports dual USB 3.1 Type-C ports along with Wifi 802.11ac that helps in better connectivity. It thus becomes easier to get access to the network experiencing internet in a new way. You can see two color variations at present, the black and the gold. Now, you need to choose the right color option that would suit your attitude. In addition, it turns out with Dolby Audio Premium producing excellent sound quality. The HD webcam along with HDR technology also comes out as the exciting feature here.

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Now, it carries an Intel seventh generation Core i5 processor along with a 4GB, which is extendable up to 8GB. The 256GB SSD is also a helpful feature coming out with good outputs for users. The battery is claimed to work continuously for 9 hours. This helps users to work without any interruption. All these hardware and software specifications make the laptop a unique one. You can go smarter with this laptop model gaining real-time attention amid the crowd revealing your identity.

Recent Position

The Swift 7 laptop achieves a good position in the market, and users are ready to buy experiencing the thrill of using the thinnest laptop. The finicky look also gives it a good mileage due to which it earns enormous popularity among the smart Indians. Once, you have it you can explore the amazing performance that makes it the most powerful product from Acer.

Since few quarters, Acer is focusing on rendering the latest technologies and this Swift 7 is one such creation. Going through their portfolio, you can find the important data revealing their success in the field of technology with all latest options.

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