Alibaba Reportedly in Talks with Telcos to Provide Free Internet in India


India has got large internet user base over 400 million. This forced many software and service provider companies to invest in India. Still, in India, two-third of the country’s population is yet to come online. Chinese online Giant Alibaba plans for free internet and Wi-Fi access across the country. As per the report, after Google and Facebook, China’s software and service provider is aiming to offer free internet service. This plan will provide free connectivity in India. UCWeb is reportedly in talk with telco operators and Wi-Fi providers in India for this project.

As per the report, Alibaba is certainly looking for the opportunity to work with the service provider in India. Alibaba is committed to providing better connectivity in the rural area. Wi-Fi providers and other telco players can be a driver for this.

With this pilot project, Alibaba is aiming further to grow UCWeb’s business in India. Earlier UCWeb has announced to invest Rs. 2 billion in India and Indonesia. This huge investment will be done in just two years. If we recall back, UCWeb has expanded its browser service. This expansion was to serve as a new distributor and content platform. Company’s search and software arm UCWeb told that it’s looking for new opportunities in the country while adding that last-mile access would be a big challenge.

In earlier month UCWeb Company was looking to lure over 30,000 bloggers. The company is looking for good writers to its content platform. UCWeb’s business in India is critical. This new investment will bring in the global mobile internet to an era of ‘GUF. GUF stands for Google, UCWeb, and Facebook. As per the new report, this platform reported 100 Million monthly active users late last year.

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Earlier Facebook had faced regulatory issue to provide free Wi-Fi access in India. The local authority had banned Facebooks’ free basic due to Net Neutrality issue. As per the report, Alibaba may face the same issue.

India is the world’s second largest internet user base. Silicon Valley is capturing the market more promptly. They are willing to provide and expand their business in backward rural areas. Recently Google has launched a free Wi-Fi at 100 railway station. This project was launched with RailTel Corporation of India. Chinese giant is surely planning to compete with internet giant Google and Facebook. Facebook has already tied with BSNL to provide Wi-Fi services in 125 villages.

In the same way, India telco Reliance Jio is not far behind. Last year Jio had launched free internet usage across the country. The sharp decline in data tariff and unlimited voice calling brought the completion in the market.

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