Android 8.0 Under development: Some Exciting Features leaked


Android 7.0 Nougat is the latest Android version as of now. But it will not remain as the latest for much longer it seems. Google is expected to unveil Android O, the next Android OS version in the upcoming I/O conference. This conference is set to be held in May. Most of the Android users are still considering Android Nougat as very new. And according to report only 2% of the users have migrated to Nougat platform. However, this cannot prevent Google to come out with their latest OS version. Anything about the name of the upcoming version is not disclosed yet. But some of the rumors regarding the features of Android O are leaked already.

As per the leak, Google is working on some new features for their Android OS. But, it is not confirmed yet if those will be accompanied by the next Android OS version. However, the three exciting features on which Google is currently working is explained here.

The rumored three exciting new features for Android 8.0:

  1. The first feature on which Google is working now is called Copy Less. This feature eliminates the need of copying some text from an app to paste it in another app. For example, two friends are chatting together and talking about meeting at some restaurant. Now, suppose one of the friends is searching for a restaurant in the Yelp app. As he gets the address and gets back to the chat to type the address of the restaurant, the Gboard will suggest that restaurant’s address automatically. Now users can tap on it, and the address will be added to the conversation. Just a press on the send button then will share the address with another friend.
  2. The second feature is also very exciting which enhance the usefulness of messaging app. What will happen in the feature is when someone will send an address in the messaging app, tapping on that address will open it on the Google Map. However, it is not confirmed if this feature is only for the stock Android messaging app. It might also be available for all messaging app in Android.
  3. The final exciting feature about which many are talking about is the gesture related one. The gesture will trigger some action in Android devices. For example, if the letter C is drawn on the screen, it will bring a short list of contacts. However, OK Google voice command is already there for such kind of job. But this gesture feature if gets released in the upcoming Android version will make things even much quicker.
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