Apple and Citibank now offer up to Rs.23000/- discount on iPhone and iPad combo


Apple is joining hands with different companies and banks to increase the sale of its products in the Indian market. The slowdown in the sales in last few months has forced Apple to reduce the prices in India via offers and discounts. Now, Apple has joined hands with Citibank to provide a unique combo for those users who are interested in buying both iPhone and iPad. The users who want to buy the latest iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus can get Rs.23, 000/- cash back on the purchase of an iPad.

The interesting part of the offer is that it is also available in reverse as well. Those who are buying an iPad, are eligible to get the same amount of cash back on the purchase of any of the latest iPhone models.

There are few points that you should remember about this offer on Apple-Citibank iPhone-iPad combo. First of all, it is only available for the users who have Citibank credit cards. The offer can be available until 31st December 2016 up to four times. The buyers can avail the offer ; there in one month. The offer is available in only a small number of offline retail stores that are authorized by Apple. The buyer has to buy both iPhone and iPad on the same day, using the same card from the same store to avail the offer.

The combination and maximum cash back offered on each combo:

  • the buyer chooses to buy iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus along with iPad mini 2 or iPad mini 4, there will be a cash back of Rs.17000/-.
  • Whenever the buyer chooses to buy iPhone 7 or 7 plus along with iPad Air 2, the maximum cash back amount will be Rs.18000/-
  • If the customer chooses to buy the latest iPhone along with iPad Pro, the maximum cash back amount will rise to the highest possible amount that is Rs.23000/-
  • Also, if the buyer chooses to buy the iPad models first, the combo mentioned above offers will get reversed, and the same cash back amount will follow on different models of iPad.
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Terms and Conditions by CitiBank:

The cash back will take up to 90 days to get credited to the buyer’s account. There are a few Terms and Conditions imposed by the Citibank as well. Some of them are:

  • The buyers cannot opt for EMI option if they want to avail the discount.
  • The buyers if claim and refund or exchange, the offer will be considered null and void.
  • Citibank will not be liable for the damage or issues with the device.
  • The offer is only available in the Indian stores.

Apple has provided the Indian users a lot of different offers and exchange programs to increase its sales. With the launch of a new handset every year, the older versions get a much-discounted MRP which increases the sales in India. There are a lot of users who want to use the Apple products, but the prices are very high. The main issue that causes the higher side of the prices is the import duty and other taxes on electronic devices in India. In case Apple decides to set up a manufacturing plant in India in future; it will be a lot easier and cheaper for the buyers to go for Apple products.

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