Apple Decline in China Smartphone Shipments; Oppo Leads: IDC


The recent report published by International Data Corporation has revealed unexpected results this time. The market research done by IDC has shown that Apple has experienced a decline in the number of smartphone units shipped to China. The company has shipped 44.9 million phones and slipped to the fourth position last year.

The top companies

Oppo gained the first position and shipped around 78.4 million smartphones. This is almost double the number of smartphones it has shipped in 2015 that was 35.4 million. The second spot was acquired by Huawei with 76 million phones. Vivo stood on the third position with 69 million phones. The ‘Apple’ of China, Xiaomi has slipped to the fifth position with 41.5 million phones.

Decline in market share for Apple and Xiaomi

According to the report, in 2015, Apple managed to ship 58.4 million phones to China and Xiaomi shipped 64 million Mi phones. In 2016 the number of shipments decreased by 23 percent for Apple and 36 percent for Xiaomi.

Official statement by IDC

Tay X iaohan who is the Senior Market Analyst at IDC Asia/Pacific’s Client Devices team issued a statement about the report. He said that there is a growing increase in the dependence on the mobile phones. This has encouraged the customers to upgrade their phones on regular intervals. The regular up-gradation has helped in driving the large growth in the fourth quarter of 2016.

He said that the companies like Oppo and Vivo are working aggressively in the mid-range mobile section. The lower tiered cities mainly depend on the mid-range smartphones. These companies are fulfilling the demand in these cities very well.

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Apple will gain market share with new phone in 2017

The experts said that despite the decrease in the sale of Apple phones, the retailers in China are not going to shift their loyalty to other companies. As this year Apple is going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhones, the company will see an increase in the number of new customers who want to shift from Android to iOS based phones.

According to the report, the customers are more likely to be waiting for the upgraded version of the Apple iPhone which will launch in 2017. With the launch of another phone and that too in the light of 10th anniversary, Apple will make sure to give good discounts and offers to its present and new customers.

The report stated that the mobile market in China has seen an increase of 19 percent every year. The market has experienced a whopping 17 percent growth just in the fourth quarter of 2016 which is very exciting for the makers. For the full year, the market has grown by 9 percent and the Chinese manufacturers won the market by grabbing maximum share.

At present, the camera is the main focus for all the mobile makers. Even the vendors are promoting the camera specs in the promotional messages. The strong selfie culture in China has given a boost to the smartphone section with better front cameras. The popularity of apps such as Meitu is directly affected in a positive manner by the selfie craze in the country.

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