Apple may have to delay the iPhone 8 launch due to OLED panel shortage


Fans who have been waiting for the launch of iPhone 8 will have to wait. The phone is called iPhone Edition and was expected to be available in September. It will now be in the market only in October-November. There are two issues that come into the picture. The lamination work of OLED panels is one. The other is the complications in the adoption of a 3D sensing system.

This news contrasts the one that appeared in Barren’s Tech Radar before. Steve Mullane and John Donovan who run VlueFin Research Partners were quoted by the site as saying Apple may increase iPhone 8 production. The launch schedule was slated for June. The change in starting the supply chain was not anticipated.

It is Samsung which supplies Apple their OLED display panel. Nikkei, a newspaper in Japan has said that the Samsung was to supply 70 million OLED panels to Apple for its new phones.

DigiTimes, the publication which disclosed this information, is not known for its accurate reporting on matters of Apple. Also, no other source has come out with the news.

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iPhone 8 might sport a whole new design. This is all the more possible if you take the fact that 2017 is the 10th anniversary of iPhones into account. Steven Milunovich, an analyst, says the phone will cost $700 to $900 and not above $1,000. iPhone 8 with 64GB may come for $850-$900 whereas the other with 256GB can be $950 to $1,000.

The 5.8-inh iPhone 8 will not be alone product to come out. The 4.7-inch or 5-inch iPhone 7s along with its cousin 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus will accompany it. Only the iPhone 8 is expected to have OLED. That will make its price slightly higher than the 7s.

The new iPhone 8 will not have the home button. Wireless charging may be introduced. It will have a glass and steel design.

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