Apple might have tweaked the Qualcomm-based iPhone to provide similar Internet Speed


Apple launched iPhone 7 for Verizon and AT&T with different modems. The Verizon and Sprint have the iPhone with Qualcomm X12 modem that can give download up to 600Mbps. The AT&T and T-Mobile have the iPhone with Intel-chipset with download up to 450Mbps. If we go by the specs, the iPhone with different chips provides different download speed on papers. But, the reality is different. Both the iPhone models are providing similar download speed.

Twin Prime and Cellular Insights tested the iPhone by both telecom companies. They found out that the speed is similar which is not possible. Ina Fried who is a researcher said that it looks like the company wanted to do some cost cutting. It wanted to have the flexibility of having two different chip sources. Also, it concentrated on keeping them as similar as possible.

Statement from Apple

Trudy Muller who is the Apple spokeswoman also commented on the issue. She said that all the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has to be same. They meet or exceed all the Apple’s wireless standards, quality metrics, and reliability testing. The phones have gone through both lab and real life testing with different carriers. The data collected via tests shows that there is no visible difference in the iPhone.

Statement by Twin Prime

Gabriel Tavridis who is the Head of Product at Twin Prime issued a statement. He said that it looks like to keep the phones similar, Apple decided not take full advantage of Verizon. He said that it is doubtful that the company made changes in every chip for iPhone using Verizon network. There is a possibility that it didn’t switch on some features to keep them same omit performance. Twin Prime said that the testing showed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 with the same modem was much faster.

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Apple has tried its level best to provide best possible services to all its customers. To keep the level of services similar for all the users, they bar users of the Verizon from utilizing the full capacity. Apple thought that it would be awkward to have different speeds on similar models of iPhone. But, in the end, it looks like it got accused of becoming favorable to customers of one network.

To recall, Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus hit the market in September 2016 with amazing features. This was the first time when a high-end smartphone came without a 3.5mm audio jack. Apple called it a revolutionary step and introduced lightning port for music output. The company has also launched the wireless earphones called Airpods. The customers are still waiting for the final shipping date for airpods. Apple is delaying the shipping for one or the other reason. The iPhone 7 Plus came with Dual Camera setup which is getting popular these days. A lot of companies are working on similar setup. It will change the dimensions of mobile photography in the near future.

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