Apple recalls faulty USB Type-C cables of MacBook


Apple’s 2015 MacBook had its charging ports switched from the usual regular ports that we know to a USB Type-C connector. The problem has affected a number of the 2m USB C Charge cables that came with the devices. It has also been known to affect the cables that were bought as optional accessories as well.

The USB C system was introduced in the latest versions of the MacBook and was meant to be used for both charging and connectivity. This system was adopted as the new cables were proven to provide more power when compared to the traditional cables. The company has promised its customers that they will provide a new cable by the end of the month.

The catch though, is that you need to have provided your address during the time of purchase or product registration. If you didn’t register then, you could visit your nearest Apple store or official service point for a replacement. The cables that have been affected are said not to have a serial number printed on them. These numbers can usually be found next to the “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”.


All this has made Apple make a mass recall of the cables, which is not looking good for the Cupertino Company. The period that Apple has set is those sold between 10th March to 8th  June. There is a handy guide available for those who’d like to know if they are eligible for a cable replacement.

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The problem manifests itself in the form of a charging problem. If you ever use one of these cables you’ll notice that your MacBook won’t charge or only charges in a bit of a weird manner; the right word would be intermittent.

Always remember to have your MacBook serial number in order to prove your eligibility for replacement. It has to be pointed out that Apple chose to use this single charging system in a bid to make their device look better. This was not received well by the public even though it has shown to bring more benefits such as faster charging, data transfer and many more.

As of now Apple’s image is faulting as there have been a number of faults and problems. This is the second recall that they’ve had to do in a month, plus their latest flagship has also had some faults such as the charging problem. It has to be mentioned though that USB C type cables are probably the future of technology for phones and laptops.

These cables seem to need some refining as this comes at the same time that tech rivals Microsoft issued a return notice for some of its power cables that are supplied with the surface pro devices specifically the surface pro, pro 2 and pro 3. Good news is that these tech giants are accepting their mistakes and also trying their best to make sure that they rectify them and make things right.

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