Apple released iOS 10.2.1 update: Security Fixes


Are you anxious due to your old iOS version? Is your phone more vulnerable to security and external malware attacks? Now happy time for all iPhone lover as iPhone has launched new IOS version 10.2.1. Well, I would recommend to install it today and feel free from external attacks. Apple typically updates its iOS regularly that it begins to feel routine.

If you have already iPhone device and running on an older version, This is great news for you. Don’t wait, instantly update with latest iOS and secure your phone with latest security updates. Hackers regularly target those devices which are more vulnerable. They can easily target such devices due to lack of security. So, it’s very important and prevalent that you download this new iOS version 10.2.1 as soon as reasonably can.

iOS 10.2.1 protects your device from a wide range of devastating attacks and make sure your phone is safe. Mostly iOS updates involve security fixes with a wide range of severity. Apple has briefed over more than a dozen of vulnerabilities in iOS 10.2.1. This newly updated iOS covers all these fixes and bugs. This iOS is power packed with many features to protect you against malware and hackers.

Apple iOS phones are already more secure than any other phone in the market. The new release increases the more confidence among users. Apple gives such surprises to its user on a routine basis, to show, how he cares their customers?

The highlights of this new version iOS 10.2.1.

  • This new iOS address all those 11 vulnerabilities around WebKit, the browser engine behind Safari, App Store and many more apple apps.
  • This time they have included two most notable instances in which malicious application could execute any unknown code with kernel permission. Which means, this could take complete control of the iOS device. Now you can enjoy happy Internet surfing and download without any harm to your device.
  • This iOS version can add files, delete files or execute any action. Whenever you want to record conversations and want to send or forward them to the third party, it can do it.
  • If you want to remove programs and files on the affected phone, it can do easily.
  • If want to secure any action, program, and files from the other users, it can do it.
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Many WebKit vulnerabilities might also lead to unknown code execution and become even more alarming. That’s the reason Apple iOS can limit the number of malicious apps in its environment via App Store vetting. WebKit provides let filtered for malicious attacks.

There are very smart hackers and looking at your device 24×7. You can stop them by installing this new version of iOS. Whenever you have good Wi-Fi connectivity go to Settings and click on software update, Tap to download the new version of iOS 10.2.1. You can take a coffee break. Meanwhile, your phone will automatically install all patches within few minutes, and hooray!! You are now secured.

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Avnish Kumar

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