Apple Set to Launch Beats X wireless earbuds on February 10


Apple has been working hard to bring most innovative products for its customers. The wireless earbuds by the company have been delayed multiple times in the past few months for one of the other reason. Finally, the US-based tech giant Apple has announced that the BeatsX wireless earbuds will be available in the global market starting from 10th February 2017. As per the reports, some of the retail stores in the US have already started receiving the early stock of the product.

Color options

When the announcement was made about the earbuds, it was mentioned that the earbuds will be available in two colors that are black and while. However, the company has revealed the earbuds in gray and blue color options. The price of the neckbuds is USD 150 which roughly equals to Rs.10000/-. These beats-branded neckbuds feature Apple’s latest W1 chip for faster and hassle-free pairing with iOS and Mac devices.

Multi OS support

In the recent statement, the company made a contradictory statement which goes opposite to the previously speculated device support. Apple said that the new Beats X earbuds will also support non-Apple and Android-based devices. This will expand the market for the earbuds to several folds. The company is claiming that the battery life of the earbuds will be up to 8 hours.

Fast battery charging

It features an innovative technology that goes by the name “Fast Fuel”. It enables the earbuds to gain 2 hours of backup only after 5 minutes of charge. Going in a separate way from the previous Beats products, these earbuds use the latest lightning connector in place of microUSB for charging.

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The earbuds come with a special flex-form cable. This cable allows the earbuds to rest comfortably around the user’s neck. The main aim of this unique flex-form cable is to provide all-day comfort to the user. It also provides easy pocket portability. The ear tip options available with the earbuds make it easier for users with different ear sizes to wear the buds comfortable. It also comes with secure fit wingtips that offer added stability to the device.

Better voice calling and control

When it comes to earphones or headphones, it is very important to have special technology to discard sound from the surrounding environment during the voice call. The Apple Beats X comes with optimized noise isolation technology that keeps the sounds from the surrounding environment away. The remote talk technology allows the user to take calls using the built-in mic. The volume keys can be used to play music, adjust volume and activate Siri. It also offers several eartip options to provide personalized comfort to the user.

When the company announced wireless earbuds, it faced a lot of criticism over using wireless earbuds and ditching the 3.5mm audio jack. However, the company has stood strong on its step, and other companies are now following Apple’s footsteps of ditching the audio-out port. It will be interesting to see how Apple is going to take advantage of the earbuds to penetrate in the market outside the Apple’s circle.

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