Audio Distortion Issue with the Pixel and Pixel XL Phones is a Hardware Problem


The Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone users experienced a distortion of sound. Presently, Google admits the audio distortion issue, and they accept there exists a hardware problem. The company is offering a replacement for several times, which indicates that there is a big problem.

Mark Buckman better known as ‘badmark’ was issued a refund after he complained about the product. He posted the complaint in the company’s forum last month. According to a new mail at PhoneArena on January 13 Google stopped issuing refunds that give rise to serious complications. Now, they are offering product replacement for the Pixel smartphones carrying the issue of audio distortion.

Cause of the Problem

In this mail, they clearly indicated that the problem arises due to a hardware issue and there is no problem with the software. So, they decided to replace the hardware rather than issuing a refund since they think it’s a better option.

The official form of the product carries lots of complaints from Pixel and Pixel XL users. One of the users says, “At first I thought it was my headphones, so I put on my noise cancellation headphones and the same issue. Then I thought, ok maybe it’s a bad headphone jack, so I paired my Jabra Sport headphones, same issue. Then I just played the music out of the speaker itself, and it still happened.”

And till now, Google hasn’t announced an official statement sharing the procedure to make the exchange for users who are complaining about the issues with Pixel and Pixel XL. No official protocols are being released for users who are facing this audio distortion problem.

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Other Points To Note     

In response to these posts, Orrin, the Pixel Community Manager says they are aware of the issue and are investing the matter to know the original root of the problem. Some other issues also come like an early freezing of camera for the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Users also face Bluetooth pairing problems and issues with spotty LTE connectivity. In addition, the smartphone is not a stylish one like the modern handsets available nowadays. It also doesn’t come out with a storage expansion and is even a bit expensive.

Sometimes, the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen also disappear. And according to a user “My phone keeps freezing and I can’t get it to do anything when it does. No response from any buttons for at least a minute and it will just start working randomly.”Customers are also complaining about lens flair and the pink/violet vertical line spearing destroying the entire display.

Customer Service Support

For the Pixel and Pixel XL phones, Google added customer service support inside the phones, and in the US this support is available for 24*7. So, now if you face any problems you can easily get in touch with the customer service support and they would guide you. Google provides a good exchange for the Pixel and Pixel XL phones, and you can replace the one for which you are facing issues.

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