The Beta Version Of VLC 2.1 For Android Released: Includes 360 Degree Video Support And More


VLC is a very popular name when it comes to the desktop media player. It has become one of the best choices to the users for more than a decade. But it could not do much on the Android platform till date. However, the volunteer team in VideoLAN is working hard to come out with new features for VLC on the Android platform. It’s been six months when the last update of VLC 2.0 was released for Android in mid of 2016. And now the continuous effort of developers has helped them come out with the beta version of VLC 2.1 update.

The beta version of upcoming VLC 2.1 version is announced just today by the company. This version includes loads of improvements along with an addition of new features. So, it is obvious that the latest version will take the user experience to a different level. The whole user interface has received a new redesign while the design now looks cleaner now.

The added features and improvements in the upcoming VLC 2.1 is explained in detail here.

360-degree Video support

One of the most notable features in the latest beta version of VLC 2.1 for Android is the support for 360-degree video. Yes, Android users can now enjoy the 360-degree videos on their Android devices as well. VLC will make it possible hassle free. Support for VR headset like Google Cardboard will be available soon. As the developers now working on to add some more tweaks.

Android Auto

Android Auto compatibility is also included in the upcoming version. This feature will let users listen to the music without much hassle. Easy browsing into an audio library makes it the best companion while driving.

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User Interface

  • The card view pattern is removed in this version that makes the design cleaner. The video card is redesigned. Now the video information will be shown in the cover picture. The new design will let users enjoy more videos at once.
  • Some tweaks are noticed in the audio list as well.
  • The media player will include now a blurred vision of the current cover in the background.
  • The latest VLC version will have more dynamic UI. It is designed to save more space by hiding the action bar while scrolling through the media list.
  • With all these the album view too received some redesign. The new revamped made the album more material.


Some changes are noticed in the search as well. The new search will trigger a filtering in the current view as anything is typed here. And if you want to do a global search, then tap the button ‘Search in all media library’ which will show a new search activity. You will be then represented with detail result of the video, songs, genre, playlists, etc.

With all these, voice search is another treat in the new VLC 2.1 version.

These are just a few features included in the upcoming VLC version. More will be explored by you as you get your hands on it. However, anything about when the stable version of it will be available is not yet confirmed by the company.

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