Billing error made advertisers to pay up to 35% extra for Twitter Video ads


In terms of luck, 2016 has been a bad one for Twitter. The company faced criticism for trolls and extremists accounts. Twitter took steps to curb them, but there are still a lot to handle. Apart from that, Twitter sell-off was rejected by all major internet giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, etc. The revenue of the company is declining, but the load on servers is increasing. Twitter has tried every possible way to look good in the eye of the investors, but the graph of its share is telling the whole other story.

Everything is not good with Twitter

Now, another fall back has arrived for the company. It looks like Twitter is following the footsteps of the social networking giant Facebook but in the worst possible way. Facebook had made announcements on multiple times that their automated billing system overcharged few customers and they had to refund the money. Something similar has happened with Twitter between November 7th and December 12th. Twitter informed the advertisers that it has charged extra for the video ads. The extra charges went up to 35% in many cases. Twitter silently refunded the money to its advertisers.

Twitter tried to remain silent on the issue

The main reason why no one came to know about it till date is that Twitter did not want another reason to allow people to point fingers on it. However, someone tipped of Business Insider about the hiccup in the system, and they ran a story on it. Only after that, Twitter made an official announcement but in a very vague style. In a small and straight to the point blog post-Twitter informed about the mess and also stated that it had refunded the extra amount to its advertisers.

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There were reports by VentureBeat that some of the affected advertisers got a refund as low as USD 1. It indicated that a portion of affected customers was not running a high budget advertising campaign. It is sort of good news for Twitter. Otherwise, a refund to a high-paying advertiser would have made more noise over the social media.

Twitter can still make a comeback

Twitter offer good plans with Live Videos and advertisements. These options are the big hope for the company as they can increase the revenue to a substantial amount in 2017. Any hiccup in the billing can be a major issue for the company. The number of advertisers is already very low on Twitter, and most of the market share is divided between Google and Facebook.

The world of social media advertising is growing very fast. Facebook has implemented special packages for the users to gain likes and reach to posts. Same has been done by Twitter as well. Google already owns a major market share in the online advertising field with Adwords. The budget of online advertising is gaining almost every day for the companies. During such important phase, a small error in the billing system can cause major trouble for the company. In the year 2017, it will be interesting to see how Twitter tries to get out of the mess and increase its revenue.

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