Canon Announced New Range of Cameras EOS M6, 77D, and T7i: 24.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and Much More


As Valentine’s Day indulgence Canon announced three new cameras. The star of the lot is the Mirrorless EOS M6 which has been equipped with the most features. The other two are Canon EOS 77D and Canon Rebel T7i DSLR that have different body styles but come with almost same features.

All the cameras will be available in the market for sale from April this year.

Here is a quick look at the features of all the three cameras.

Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless Camera

  • The EOS M6 carries the same 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor from the previous model EOS M5. The outlook has been redesigned, and it has been given the look of a more classic yet compact camera. The EVF has been done away with and has been made available as an extra.
  • It features the Dual Pixel CMOS AF which when combined with the 9fps photo burst speed is perfect for impulsive and fast moving photography.
  • There are no changes made in terms of video. You will get the standard full HD up to 60p 5-axis digital image stabilization. It also features a tilting LCD screen and a 3.5mm input jack for the microphone.
  • EOS M6 has NFC/WiFi and Bluetooth to share pictures with other devices.
  • The EVF-DC2 – Extra Electronic Viewfinder has a 2.39 million dot display with 100% coverage and 120fps refresh rate. The EVF is optional and has not been included in the camera package.
  • EOS M6 Mirrorless is a pocket-sized camera and would be perfect for travelers and bloggers.

EOS M6 Mirrorless has been priced at $799/Rs 52,100.

Canon EOS 77D

  • The EOS 77D uses the 24.2MP sensor and the 45-point Dual Pixel CMOS AF to video focus and track. The camera offers full HD video shooting upto 60p.
  • It has a 5 axis digital image stabilization and smoothens out wobbly or hand-held shots.
  • The camera also features an articulated 3 inch LCD touchscreen which is beneficial while shooting at problematic angles. There is a separate LCD display above the camera stating key settings.
  • There is a 3.5mm input jack where a microphone can be attached to better the sound recording.
  • Along with WiFi and NFC, the camera also has a Bluetooth so the pictures can be shared with other smart devices.
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Canon EOS 77D has been priced at $899/Rs 60,100.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i

  • The T7i and EOS 77D share most the features. EOS Rebel T7i also has a 24.2MP sensor with 45-point Dual Pixel CMOS AF and has full HD video recording up to 60p.
  • Likewise, the EOS Rebel T7i has a 3 inch articulated LCD screen. It also comprises of 5 axis digital image stabilization.
  • For image sharing the built in NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth have been included. A 3.5 mm input jack to connect the microphone for improved sound recording is also present.
  • The only feature that is lacking in Rebel T7i is the rear control dial and LCD top screen which is present in the EOS 77D.

Canon Rebel T7i would be priced at $749/Rs 50,100

The only feature that is missing from all the three cameras is the ability to record in 4K. Although all the cameras are good, but there are no exceptional features that would let you choose over cameras of mid-range of other companies.

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