CES 2017: Kingston Launch USB Flash Drive With Up to 2TB Storage


The privately help American multinational company Kingston is known for the storage solutions it has created over the period almost 30 years. The company is active since 1987, and it deals with flash drives, memory cards, DRAM, audio players, SIM cards and SSD. Kingston’s main competition in the market is companies like Western Digital and Sandisk. The two companies got merged in a multibillion-dollar deal a year ago.

Kingston has proved itself a pioneer in the field of storage and memory. It has recently launched DataTraveler Ultimate GT flash drive during CES 2017. GT that stands for Generation Terabyte has opened new doors for portable devices with huge storage capacity. As per the reports, these flash drives are the highest capacity flash drives available in the market. Kingston has launched two variants of the drives with 1 TB and 2 TB storage capacities. The company with start the shipping in February 2017, however, the price of the flash drives has not been revealed yet.

As per the description provided by the company, the flash drive is compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1 and offers excellent reading and writing speed. The flash drive comes with resistance to shock which is possible because of the Zinc-alloy metal used in the body of the flash drive. The dimensions of the flash drive are 72mm x 26.94mm x 21mm.

Pros of high capacity storage device

Most of the 2-in-1 these days comes with limited storage capacity. Also, we are using a lot of space for music, videos, and documents. In such circumstances, if there is an option to store all the files in a device that can fit right in your pocket, nothing can be better. Keeping these things in mind, Kingston has created a remarkable product which has very bright future.

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Cons of having small storage device with large capacity

What do you do with a flash drive? Well, most of us generally use these drives to carry important data from one place to another. These drives are popular among students, business owners and office workers for different tasks. Most of us also use these devices to store music and videos. You may not feel the loss even if the flash drive suddenly stops working in case of 2-8 GB drives. However in the case of high capacity drives like the Kingston has launched, it will be a major issue. Not only there is a chance to lose data more than 1 TB but also financial loss will create a big hole in the pocket.

Jean Wong who is the business manager at Kingston issued a statement about the product. She said that the new flash drive would empower the user to increase their data storage mobility in a highly manageable factor. In 2013, Kingston launched 1 TB flash drive and the new flash drive is a perfect follow up.

The new flash drive may come with a premium price tag. It may not look affordable to most of the users. However, the price of the 1 TB flash drives by Kingston came down substantially with time.


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