CES 2017: Motiv Is a Fitness Ring With Heart Rate Sensor


In the last few years, you must have seen the increase in the trend of using fitness bands. A lot of companies have launched special fitness bands or smart watches with similar capabilities. There are some apps which can turn a smartphone into a fitness tracker as well. However, all these are little bulky to carry while exercising except the wrist band. Now as well are looking for decreasing the size of functioning gadgets more, the new device will definitely remove some weight from those who want to keep track but do not want to have a lot of weight on them.

Trackers just got smaller!

Motiv is a whole new level of innovation. It is a fitness ring that comes with built-in heart rate sensor. You can set a daily “active minutes” goal instead of generic step goal per day which is generally 10000 steps a day. Motiv works in a similar way the other fitness tracker does with a little twist. It tracks steps, sleep, and amount of time you remain active. The company that made the device feels that you should be active for at least 150 minutes every day. These active minutes does not mean you have to walk around in the room, but these should include moderate-intensity aerobic activities.

It’s all about the heart rate

Rather than just counting the steps you are taking, this device will calculate the active minutes based on your heart rate. In theory, this should be much better than just counting steps. The heart rate-based calculations offer many sophisticated data.

The only problem that you may face with the ring based fitness tracker is that it is small which means less battery life. The company is claiming that the battery life of the device is 3-5 days in single charge, but until it comes to the market and checked by actual users, nothing definite can be said.

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The ring is available in seven different sizes and two color options that are Slate Grey and Rose Gold. It comes with two different chargers. The one can rest on your desk and the second one can fit on your keychain. It is water resistant and shock resistant as well.

Affordable and sleek

The device can be charged via any USB charging dock. It will start shipping in spring 2017. The device will be available in the US in the beginning. The global launch of the ring is still unknown. The ring is open for preorders at USD 199 price tag which roughly makes it equal to Rs.13400/-.

Fitness has become one of the most important aspects of life. People are getting more health conscious and trying to stay healthy, eat healthily and exercise regularly. The fitness trackers that are available in the market are helping fitness enthusiast a lot in keeping track of their activities. Also, these trackers offer stat sharing which will further boost your working capabilities.

Staying healthy and in shape does not mean you have to starve. It just means that you need to eat healthily and do proper exercise. The fitness trackers are without a doubt a big help for the beginners and pros.

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