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While LinkedIn is considered as the most preferred platform for job seekers, Facebook is entering the same market to pose as a competitor. The California-based social media giant was in a testing phase for a new feature, and finally, they started rolling it out. The new feature in Facebook will let business people post jobs and receive applications directly on their page. While many of the users already use Facebook to find a suitable job, but the new feature will allow for job posting and application receiving. It sounds really interesting. But as of now, only the business people in US and Canada will have access to this feature.

More details on where the job posting will be available and how users can apply on that are explained below.

How to apply for jobs in Facebook through the new feature:

Posting a job on the Facebook page is as simple as posting the videos or photos. And the employers can do it in just a minute hassle free. Once the job is posted, Facebook users will get them on the business page of Facebook. Also, the new ‘job’ bookmark in mobile application will help users finding new job posting. With this, the job posting will also have appeared in the potential user’s Newsfeed. However, companies will have to pay for that.
Upon seeing the suitable opening, applicants can tap on the ‘Apply now’ button to directly submit an application. It will fetch an online application form. The fill is pre-filled with relevant information available in the user’s Facebook profile. Details like Name, City, Email, Phone number, etc. will be pre-filled. Another field ‘why you think you are the right candidate’ is to be filled by the candidate before submitting it. However, applicants can always edit, add and review the form before final submission.

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The application form will be sent to the employers through Messenger. And then employers can communicate with the relevant applicants through Messenger itself. That’s the entire process the employees and employers need to follow. So, the feature is really helpful for all.

When Microsoft’s LinkedIn witnessed great result in LinkedIn, it is highly expected for Facebook as well to see great achievement through this new feature. A recent study by ADP revealed that around 1.4 million people consider and use social media as a great platform for job searching. And around 73% employers have hired people through social media at some point. Also, 42% of the employers stated that the quality of people hired through social media is really improved.

So, if the trend is such strong, then Facebook is no doubt to witness a great result of their newly implemented feature.

This new feature of Facebook is already in the testing phase, and some of the small businesses have used it. The good thing is they have come back with the fruitful result. Such a Chicago-based company, Lakeview Kitchen and Market’s co-owner stated that they have used it and received the successful result. It took just three minutes for them to fill out the information after which the applicants saw it. They communicated with them, and things were done successfully.

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