Facebook to launch Ads in Videos – Will share revenue with the uploader


If you are using the internet, you must have got irritated at least once in your life with the ads on the YouTube videos. Well, you are getting free content, and YouTube along with the content creators make money from the advertisements. There is nothing much to get irritated from that. Now, the main reason people love videos on Facebook is that it is totally ad free. If you prefer to upload or play video on Facebook because the platform is ad free, then you need to rethink. Facebook has finally decided to launch the advertisement panel for videos on the website officially.

The plan is to generate more revenue

The basic aim of the Advertisement in Facebook videos is to compete with YouTube and generate revenue from hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded and viewed every day on Facebook. The Facebook Live has also increased the potential of the platform by several folds. Those who are familiar with the working of Video monetization on YouTube, they must know that YouTube pays the contributor or the content creator up to 55% of the revenue share. The same percentage is going to be for the creators on Facebook as well. The company will keep 45% of the revenue generated from the content and majority of the remaining part will go to the uploader or the creator.

There is a difference in the ad display

There is though a slight different in the Facebook video ads. When they come live, the ads will not play at the beginning of the video. They will start after 20 seconds, and it may get little more irritating for the person who is viewing the content. Facebook also have to work on the copyright claims and other criteria related to intellectual property which was as of now not a big concern for the company as no one was generating revenue. In the case of YouTube, the automated algorithm keeps an eye on the uploaded content and if it matches with any music or video file on the website it raises copyright claim.

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Facebook has a large number of active users on its platform. Facebook is the highest visited social media network. It will be very easy for the company to generate substantial revenue from the videos. In the long run, Facebook can give a tough competition to YouTube. As of now, YouTube is the best platform for those who want to earn revenue from their videos. A few months back, YouTube also launched paid subscriptions and YouTube Red. It allowed the content creators to charge fees from the viewers and provide ad-free content. YouTube is keeping a small share of the fees. Facebook can do something similar in coming months to prove itself as a bigger competition for Google’s YouTube.

It is not possible to share embedded videos of Facebook. However, YouTube allows embedding videos just with a link to other social media platforms or websites. Facebook can add this feature so that users can share the videos on Twitter or any other platform. It will further increase the revenue for the company. It will be interesting to see how Facebook goes ahead with the plan.

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