Facebook Live now being used for streaming pirated movies!


The Social Networking giant Facebook keeps on adding new features to the website and App to attract more customers every day. Recently, Facebook became a global family of 1 billion users which is truly remarkable. In the past, Facebook has added and changed a number of features to make sure that users have something new to try and most of the features are adored by the public. Facebook also had provided a great platform for budding artists and established companies, firms, etc. to promote themselves via pages. The advertising panel of Facebook provides them good coverage and ensures that their services and products reach the targeted market.

The Facebook Live

Facebook launched Live videos a few months back. It gained much popularity with some small events like Chewbacca mask incident in which a lady laughed hysterically after wearing the mask and became a global sensation in a matter of hours. It showed how powerful the Live feature could be! The Facebook Live has now become an important tool for promotions of films, music videos, concerts and day-to-day life of celebrities. They interact with their fans and followers Live and answer their queries.

The other side of the coin!

Now, whenever a new feature pops up on any website, there will be one or two users around who start exploiting it. The same thing is happening with Facebook Live. A few pages are now using the feature to stream pirated movies online. They are even taking requests from the followers to increase interactions. “Live Movies” has been a hot topic on social media for a very long time now.

This is not the first time when some page has exploited a free tool for its benefit. A few days back a lot of pages simultaneously streamed a video claiming that it is International Space Station Live and gained millions of viewers. NASA had to come forward and clarify that they didn’t authorize any Live feed and those videos were not real/live.

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If we talk legally, these pages are not doing anything wrong on the Facebook’s end. However, there are a lot of tools available to download the movie as the servers do not delete them after the Live show is over. The original owner of the content loses money in the process and thus this is a big violation of the copyright law.

Still no word from Facebook

Interestingly, Facebook has not taken any action against these pages or tried anything to stop such Live streaming. The tech experts are curious to know the step that Facebook is going to take to curb such activities. Facebook has to come forward with additional changes in the policies regarding Facebook Live so that such practices can come to an end.

The website still has a long way to become the perfect social networking site. Every new feature will bring new challenges. Facebook generally takes action on such activities if the moderators report it. Until Facebook does not get enough proof, it generally does not take any action on its own. Now either users or the producers have to come forward. Only an official complaint can stop this new way of piracy before it gets out of control.

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Avnish Kumar

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