Facebook now allows 50 users to have video group chat simultaneously


Facebook is slowly shifting to new features to facilitate communication between more than 2 people. Before now, you could only have a group chat on Facebook messenger but group voice calling or video calling was not possible. Just a couple of weeks ago, Facebook introduced Video calling in the Facebook Work app as well and got into competition with Google, Skype, and WhatApp (which is owned by Facebook and launched Video calling a month ago).

There are several limits in Google Hangout video calls and Skype group video calls. The main issue with these apps is that only 10 members can join the Video call which often creates a problem if someone wants to have a conversation with a larger group. Facebook has managed to move ahead in this arena. According to the reports, up to 50 participants can stream audio and video on Facebook messages in group chat.

Using the feature is simple

The process is pretty simple just like adding people to the group chat. You can see all the members simultaneously during the chat until 7th member joins in. After that only the dominant speak will be visible on the screen. The video will switch automatically to the person speaking while others will stream audio/video in the backdrop.

According to the company, the update has started rolling out globally, and it will reach all the users within next couple of days. Though the new update will put some pressure on the app but that does not mean that the regular features that are popular in the Messenger app will not function in group chat. You will be able to send texts, stickers, and animations while having video and audio conversation with the group of people.

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Live masks will be available in video chat – arriving at Android soon

There is one feature in Facebook Live, which is at the moment only available in iOS i.e. the live masks. It is very much similar to Snapchat filters that add an animated visual overlay on your face in real time. The feature will also work in video chats as well. This feature will add life to the conversation between family and friends. Facebook said that the feature is also arriving on Android devices very soon.

We are moving ahead with a faster and better Internet services in most of the parts of the world. When Google hangout and Skype’s group video calling arrived, it was a game changer for the market. These apps were not only used for the personal conversations, but the office meetings and celebrity interactions also took place on these apps.

Facebook has stepped in the market of video calling much later. Still, the company has shown its potential by adding a lot of other features in group chat. There is still room for improvement, and it will always be there. However, at this moment, to compete with Facebook both Google and Skype has to come up with some solution to counter the additional features.

Facebook Live has already made a place in the hearts of its users. Even though Google hangout provided that feature way before. The same may happen with group video chat. It may get tricky for the competitors to come up with better options soon.

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