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During the US Presidential elections, there were a lot of fake news and rumors that floated around on Facebook. So that majority of the users claim that the fake news on Facebook played a major role in Donald Trump’s election win. Though Facebook has denied that only a small fraction of the information provided by the users on the Social Media website was fake, the company is facing a lot of heat.

The fake and prank news are not something new for Facebook. It has been working from last many years to find a solution for the problem. The Chief Executive of the company Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement recently in which he said that the company had increased the resources to find a definite solution for the problems caused by fake news.

Zuckerberg said that the company is working on the options to make it easier for the users to report the fake news. Also, he said that Facebook is working with third-party organizations and Journalists to develop a fact-checking mechanism on the website. This will make it easier for the code to put a warning label on the content that it might be false.

He also said that it is very important to make sure that the opinions posted by different groups and individuals are not considered as fake news. He mentioned that Facebook believes in Free Speech. But that does not mean that anyone should be allowed to spread rumors.

Other companies are also working on the same path

Facebook is not the only company who is trying to curb the fake news and rumors. Recently Google has also announced that it will stop serving ads on the websites that are based on fake news. Google’s AdSense is one of the favorite revenue generation platforms among the content developers. If it takes such step, it will definitely hit the websites that earn via fake and cooked up news.

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The issue of spreading rumors is not limited to an election campaign or some current affair. But it finds it roots to spreading rumors about individuals especially females over the internet. In India, the cyber cell receives complaints related to fake profiles and rumors on a daily basis. They often hit a dead end because the are unable to get necessary information about the IP addresses.

It is the very common practice among some political parties to create false news of opponents to spread hate comments. The steps taken by Facebook will also help in stopping such rumors as well. It is getting harder for the company to authenticate every news without an entirely automated system.

It is not only the responsibility of the owners of the website to curb this false news. We need to support these companies in finding a solution for the false news. We can support them by flagging fake information in an appropriate manner. In the long run, it will be good to have a clean platform for discussions.

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