Firefox OS is Dead: Mozilla kills off it’s Open source loT Project


The Firefox OS project which was initiated four years back in 2013 is no more. This operating system developed by Mozilla struggled a lot to survive, but unfortunately, it is completely dead now. The project is also known as ‘Boot2Gecko’ was started with an aim to serve low and medium end smartphone with very low memory such as 128 MB of RAM. It was an open source operating system based on Android where the code was written in simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Firefox as open source browser is no doubt very successful, and this has encouraged the company to think something beyond the browser. As a result, they came out with Firefox OS in 2013, but alas, it failed to gain a sufficient number of user base just like Microsoft and Blackberry. The number of Firefox OS powered device users are really very rare, and we have hardly seen anyone use such device. The company developed this OS with a great inspiration and collaborated with various carriers as well. But unfortunately, this competitive market did not let it survive.

As this project was never able to have public interest, so an announcement was made to cease the development of Firefox OS device in December 2015. And then finally they stopped all development of that OS in 2016. But it was not the complete end of Firefox OS technologies. After ceasing the development of Firefox OS for Smartphone Mozilla shifted their focus on the Internet of Things with the same OS.

So, Mozilla brought Firefox OS in connected devices, and for this, they collaborated with Panasonic. Their effort made them able to deliver the Panasonic 4K TV but it was the one and only product to be shipped with Firefox OS technology. So, the company could not have a tight grip in that field as well which compelled them to take such decision.

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The company has now completely laid off it’s connected devices team that comprised of 50 members. But all of them will not be left unemployed as the company has claimed that some of them will be allocated to some other division. However, the senior persons of this team, Ari Jaaksi-the VP and Bertrand Neveux-Director of the group have already left.

In spite all these, the company has still managed to earn record revenue in 2015. Mozilla took a brilliant decision to a partnership with big companies like Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex for their home market that helped them to bag $421 million in 2015.

The Firefox OS project was initiated with a good aim, and the main intention of the company was not to just make money. But they wanted to go beyond the desktop browser and Firefox operating system was one such effort for that. However, while Mozilla was able to compete against IE and Google Chrome but when it came to the open source operating system, they could not survive in this competitive market. Even though Mozilla thought of providing an amazing experience to the users, but sadly this did not take off well.

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