The First Foldable Smartphones May Introduce by Samsung at MWC 2017


Foldable Smartphone will bring an evolution definitely in the Smartphone industry when it will actually arrive in the market. The design of this innovative device is already been patented by many companies so far. Apple, Microsoft, LG, etc. are the companies to file the application for foldable devices with USPTO. Despite this, those companies could not take the risk to start their production based on the patents. But it seems things are going to happen in reality now. Samsung is all set to start the first move in this context.

As per reports, the South Korean giant Samsung will showcase their first prototype for the foldable smartphone in the upcoming Mobile World Congress. Also, according to sources from the supply chain, the company is already working on this project. It is also expected that the small production of this device will start in Q4 2017. Talking about the foldable devices, Samsung has always been in the news from the beginning. Be it the sketching of the device, its live photos, Samsung was in the news for everything. However, nothing was confirmed about the official unveiling of the foldable devices. But, Samsung is working now really actively on this matter and times are not away when we will be able to explore this creative device.

Even though the company is all set to kick off their small production in the Q4, 2017 but mass production is likely to start off by the second half of 2018. Some technical and manufacturing issues are there which requires some more time for the mass production to take place. PI, Polyimide based plastic cover is one of the main components to manufacture the foldable devices. This component even though can be produced now with no issues but the quality mass production will require some more time.

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Coming to the features and specification of the foldable devices, it is being said that the device will feature an AMOLED display. Other than that nothing is been confirmed yet. So, we need to wait to get more information on that.

Even though the future Smartphone is sounding really interesting but definitely it requires enough creativity and effort from the manufacturer’s part. In order to develop the foldable devices, not just the display rather the entire body is to be flexible enough. And this indicates everything such as the processor, battery, camera, other chipsets, etc. Designing flexible display does not require enough creativity, but when it comes to the internal parts, things should be handled with extra care. And this will certainly take some quality time for the project to go on the floor. So, we are left with no choice but to wait for the much anticipated foldable device to get in our hands.

However, as of now it is confirmed that Samsung will represent the prototype by the end of this month at MWC. And mass production will kick off by next year second half. The company is also said to unveil their another device Galaxy Tab S3 at the same event. So, the upcoming Mobile World Congress has much more in store for us.

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