Flipkart launched SmartBuy – A market for self-produced products


It looks like Flipkart is doing something innovative with the self-branded products. It is all set to come in direct competition with Amazon Basics. Let’s first see what Amazon Basics is. Amazon has many self-produced products like USB cables etc. The company sells these products under Amazon Basics. These products are of high quality and often liked by the buyers.

Flipkart has been working on different subsidiary brands from the last few years. Around two years ago, the company launched Citron which is a Home Appliances brand. It also owns Flippd and Digiflip.

The similarity between Digiflip and SmartBuy is visible

The brand Digiflip and the latest service by Flipkart i.e. SmartBuy are quite similar. Digiflip offered home-produced products, and SmartBuy will do the same. The company informed the registered users via email about the new product. At present, there is a limited range of products available on Flipkart SmartBuy.

The cables that are available right now are like that of Amazon Basics, but the price is way low that Amazon. Flipkart is trying to provide products with similar standards at a lower price. It can make it hard for Amazon to stay in the competition. At the moment, Amazon is offering cables, headphones, speakers, bags and sleeves. But, Flipkart is only offering chargers and data cables. The email that Flipkart sent had more products like Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Competition will be good for market

The head-on-head competition between Amazon and Flipkart may bring the prices further down. In India, it is easy to find data cables and other affordable accessories. But the quality of these accessories is not up to the mark. Most of these accessories come from China and often stop working in a short period of time. Flipkart can expand its venture and start producing high quality electronic and other accessories. It can increase the number of loyal customers in no time.

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At the moment, Flipkart’s Digiflip is no longer active. The company can concentrate on the new brand and grow with decent speed. The customers who prefer to buy the accessories online will definitely trust Flipkart. The company has gained a lot of trust since its launch. It will be helpful in establishing SmartBuy in the Indian market.

Flipkart has to keep the quality at priority

The accessory market in India has a lot of options. To make sure Flipkart makes some space for itself, the quality of the products has to be beyond average. As the company rely on the online platform. There are no offline stores by Flipkart yet. The sale of the products will bring a lot of positive and negative reviews.

Based on these reviews, the further plans can come in action. The quality can remain same or improved if required. Flipkart has been one of the most reliable brands in the past and it can use its brand name for the initial sales. The further increase or decrease in the popularity of the new services will depend on the quality of the products.


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