Google Added New Feature to Gmail: Now Lets You Stream Video Attachments


Gmail has enabled a new feature for its users. You will now be able to stream video files in the email without downloading them.

Google had updated Gmail on Friday. The users will now be able to stream any video attachments that are received through emails.

The users just need to click on the thumbnail image to stream the video. Before this update, the full video file had to be downloaded. A media player then had to be opened to watch it. The recent update has made it easy for the users to watch videos in the opened browser. This also will save space on the hard drives of all systems as big videos need to be saved.

The new feature uses the same infrastructure which has been used in Google Drive, YouTube, and some other video streaming apps. The video, therefore, maintains its quality. There settings within the player for you to adjust the quality and sound of the video that is being played.

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The video can also be downloaded. On clicking the file, Gmail opens a video player that lets you play the video again and save it too.

The attachments can be of 50 MB if they are being sent from a different email provider. There is a limit of 25 MB when you are sending a video attachment from Gmail. This means if you are looking to send videos that are of higher quality and are lengthy you will have to look for a different option.

The update is viewable only on personal computers. The update is not for the smartphone users for now.

Although the update is already rolling out, it might take around 15 days for it to reach out to all the users. The small update is definitely going to save time besides making it easy to view video attachments.

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