Google Assistant Spotted on Alpha Release of the Google App – Probably Coming to Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X


Occasionally, Google decided not to disclose more about bringing new features to other Android phones. It leaves users in the dark about Google assistant’s future. Google Assistance was only available on the Pixel and Pixel XL handsets before this.  Recent rumors suggest about the new feature coming to Non-Pixel handsets Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Alcatel Idol 4. Further speculation revealed that upcoming LG G6 may use Google’s assistant app. Officially Google has not confirmed this news yet.

The code in new alpha release (Version 6.13) of the Google App for Android accidentally making the rounds. New version suggests the Google Assistant could be available for older Android Phones. Some users who are able to download the update has found this new feature added surprisingly. But bear in mind that not everybody who loads the new version will get Google Assistant.

Seems, the new feature was added in the new alpha release by mistake. The User who has installed latest version is facing usual problems. People are encountering bugs that come with such an early release. Although, there is no as such official announcement from Google for this new feature. However, this surely gives some hint that Google may come with this new idea. Google may surprise their users in coming future by launching Google Assistant to older Android phones.

As per reports, some users who have installed alpha version are getting the Assistant welcome screen to appear on older devices. The new feature works the similar way as for Google Now and Google assistant on the Pixel handsets. Hold on, before you become more excited, the settings for Google Assistant only mention the Pixel phones. This shows that this feature might be added by mistake. Further, this welcome screen does not appear on all devices. Some users are getting the welcome screen while other not. There is no regularity at all.

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The unexpected rollouts have allowed users to also discover a new feature to Google called ‘Recent’. This new feature will show recently requested search topics. Further users have seen new weather card app in the new release. This app might be in testing phase and appeared accidentally in alpha release.

The new alpha release has unveiled that Google may add this feature in near time. Users may hear good news from Google in this MWC due on February 27 in Barcelona. Google might announce a wider rollout of Google Assistant in all Android phones. Although chances are more likely that Google may announce more features at Google I/O, which gets underway on May 17.

Google assistant, controls all your digital life. Google Assistant is the successor of Google Now. It does most of the same things like Google Now. This new app is more user-friendly and more conversational interface. Google assistant has more AI than Google now and any other virtual assistant in the market.

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