Google Assistant Will Available for All Smartphones


Google Assistant has not limited to the pixel devices anymore. Google already announced in the MWC event about their plan to make this voice search assistant available in more devices. The Android Marshmallow and Nougat are the versions to get this latest feature. Rolling out of this feature is in the process. The lucky people have already received an update of Google Play services that contain this Google assistant. So, no need of downloading any app for that. Google Assistant will be available automatically to the eligible Android users.

However, as per a report, Android users in the US will get the feature first. And then Google will make it available to the Australia, Canada, and UK users. Long press on the home button will launch Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is the successor of Google Now. But the later version is more improved and is packed with numerous features. The Google Assistant offers more of personal and conversational tone than Google Now. Also, booking a reservation, making a list and answering follow-up questions, etc. are easily and quickly done through this voice search.

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Google Assistant was very exclusive to the pixel devices in the beginning. And this is one feature which made the devices really wanted. Also, critics have offered positive reviews for this. And all these stuff altogether made Google adopt such useful decision. As of now, Apple Siri is considered as the veteran player in the market. But some critics have offered favorable reviews for Google Assistant. So, it is no doubt this voice-based search assistant is highly helpful.

This search assistant will be available in most of the devices including Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, LG, etc. So, interested Android users just ensure to have Android Marshmallow or nougat version. And Google Assistant will automatically reach you in few days. However, the lucky ones have already received it.

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