Google in association with RailTel installed 100th Wi-Fi terminal

Back in January 2016, Google started installing Wi-Fi terminals on the railway stations in India. The company joined hands with RailTel to provide free Wi-Fi services across 400 stations. Google has installed the first 100 Wi-Fi terminals. The journey started with Mumbai Central in January. It has reached a crucial milestone with the Wi-Fi installation in Udhagamandalam (Ooty).

Google has now started preparing for the second phase of the project in which it will cover the remaining 300 stations. To expand the services, Google has also announced a service called Google Station which gives its partners an easy set of tools to install Wi-Fi hotspot in public places.

Digital India initiative can change lives

India is moving towards becoming a cashless and connected society in the virtual world. Millions of users travel by trains daily, and it is hard for them to find good mobile internet connection while commuting. The government of India is not only planning to provide high-speed internet connection on the railway stations but also in the train during the journey. The government has joined hands with companies like Google who has the potential to support the Digital India initiative.

India is a big market for Google as well. Its advertisement programs are quite popular in both local and multinational companies in India. To expand its user base and increase the faith among the users, such initiatives will definitely help the company in the long run. There are a lot of users who have access to a low-speed mobile internet connection. They can enjoy high-speed video streaming while waiting for their train and experience how the internet can change the way they see the world.

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Statement by Google

In a press release, Google showed excitement on completing the first phase of the project. The company said that over 10 million users pass through these stations every day. They have access to high-speed internet connect with the help of Wi-Fi terminals. They can stream HD video or save it to watch offline, research about their destination, download a book or game or a movie for their journey. Google also mentioned that it had reached over 5 million users every month. Every day around 15000 first time users access the services on the railway stations.

Gulzar Azad who is the Country Head of Connectivity at Google India was also quoted in the statement. He said that Google is happy on achieving the milestone. It has been an incredible journey since Google announced the association with Indian Railway and RailTel. The company wants to complete the installation of the remaining 300 stations soon. It is inspiring to learn about the stories that users shared about the high-speed internet access. The company is happy that they are enabling Indian users to access free and open Internet. They can now use the time more effectively and efficiently.

In the Digital India initiative, the government of India has been working hard to fill in the gaps so that users even from the remote areas in India have access to the internet. The web world has the potential to make a huge difference in their lives.

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