Google to Ban Torrent Websites, Other Search Engines Also Join Hands


Torrent websites seem to have a bad year ahead since Google has decided to take a stand against piracy. Torrent websites don’t seem to give up – close down one, and another takes its place. Google and other search results unintentionally kept these websites going by showing to the people that they exist. Several entertainment companies have protested about prevention of piracy on the internet. Reports also show that Hollywood representatives have disparaged Google for the promotion of piracy. After the numerous complaints, Google and search results such as Bing and Yahoo have now planned to ban these websites.

The companies have joined hands to handle this situation and reached to an understanding in a meeting headed by UK’s Intellectual Property Office. According to the agreement, a draft amendment to the Digital Economy Bill Committee would permit the government to impose a code of practice on search engines. But, in one of the meetings held recently, the group of companies agreed that such a rule was not necessary.

Baroness Buscombe said that the thought was discussed in parliament and the Intellectual Property Office officials have presided a further meeting between representatives of the creative industries and the search engines. She added that although there were more detailing’s to be done, the group had now agreed on the ‘main content of the code’ and the agreement to the same would happen soon. The agreement would be effective from June 1, 2017. For now, no final draft or agreement has happened, and the group of companies that are involved are yet to reveal their action plan on controlling piracy.

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Once the implementation takes place, the agreement will restrict all of UK from accessing any torrent websites because the search results would not show them. However, the world is yet to witness the measures that these companies would take to work against piracy across the globe. If you look for ‘torrent sites’ in Google Search, you would be shown a list of popular websites which include The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents.

Google had faced something like this in 2016 when it was asked to remove all the links that violated the copyright act. Also, India had put a ban on Kickass Torrents and search engine Torrentz. There were several websites that were banned by Google, but they simply changed their domain name and were back soon. This led to infinite copyright violation requests both from firms and individuals.

Torrent websites have always been a nuisance to content creators, and Google might have just provided them with a solution to their problem with this step.

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