Google Cloud Upgraded With Skylake Processors


Google Inc. became the first cloud service provider to offer access to the Intel Xeon processors from Skylake series. The company has taken this step after both companies had agreed to work together to bring large business to the cloud. This deal was signed in November last year.

Nowadays users opt for high-performance for their businesses. The Skylake processor is capable of delivering the best performance. It comes with Intel advanced vector extension (AVX-512). This makes it best for scientific modeling and genomic research. Now you can do data analytics and engineering simulations easily. Users can take benefit from this next level processor.

In comparison to its previous generation, this processor doubles the floating point performance for big calculation. Intel said that it has optimized Skylake for Google. This will bring the high performance to everyone.

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Skylake processor is open in 5 area as of now: Western US, Eastern US, Central US, Western Europe, and Eastern Asia Pacific. The new deal with Intel will lead better opportunity for Google’s data center business.

Google and Intel had a long-standing partnership with data center business. This new Intel Xenon technology will offer compute-intensive workloads. It will bring the cost effective solution for many operations.

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are the big names in public cloud service providers. All these players are using Intel’s silicon chips. Intel is a market leader in CPU for servers. As PC runs slow, Intel has used this business opportunity to provide faster chips to the users. It had launched Naples processor last year to give a tough competition to rival AMD. Intel also has the strong relationship with Amazon web services.

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