Google Docs Competitor Dropbox Launches Paper App For Global Users


Dropbox was already a huge name in hosting and file sharing business. Now Dropbox is going one step further. Dropbox just launched paper service for the public. Paper App will be available for everyone, just like Google Docs. Apart from China, people all over the world are using Google Docs to share files. Google docs are must for business. The paper app offers the same benefits of Google Docs. But the paper app is more user-friendly. So Google docs will now need to share their market with Paper app.

Paper is not exactly new; Dropbox made the paper app available for beta testers since last year. Dropbox is targeting big businesses around the world with paper App. Many business executives who used paper App gave the App good reviews. They admitted paper does make file sharing much easier. Like Google docs, the Dropbox Paper also offers various users to collaborate on a project at the same time. Paper is not exactly like Google Docs, but it offers almost same advantages as Google docs do. Google docs take the time to load, not available in China. Google docs’ disadvantage can work in favor of paper. But sadly, even Dropbox is partly blocked in China.

Dropbox thought way ahead when it comes to their paper app. They kept the design simple, so almost everyone can understand it. Paper App is already available in 21 languages. Dropbox plans to make it available even more languages soon. Dropbox will launch the paper app for Android and iOS devices very soon. The idea is to make paper App available for users even when there is no internet.  Paper added lots of new features. Users will be able to do everything they do with Google docs.

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Dropbox did everything right with their paper app. One practically cannot find any flaw with this app. But Google is still the biggest giant when it comes to the internet. No one can just beat Google in terms of popularity on the internet. Paper has tough future ahead. Paper can find popularity among business people, but it will not be easy. Dropbox made a great product; they launched the product. But now they have to do the marketing right. Some people will use Google services no matter what; it will not be easy for Dropbox to make them switch to paper.

For big offices around the world, the paper app will serve as another good option. If the paper gets good reviews from their workers, then they will use the app. But it is not clear if these offices will stop using Google docs because of Dropbox paper.

Dropbox is not concentrating at the competition from Google right now. They are going ahead with their plans. Dropbox app is available for subscriptions now. There are different plans, and advance subscription plan allows users to use different kinds of administrative tools.

So far Dropbox is more popular within independent business people than big corporate offices. Time will tell if the paper app will able to make Dropbox more mainstream.

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