Google Keep Gets Integrated with Google Docs


Google Keep is best when it comes to note taking apps. It’s useful with a bunch of features, and it’s absolutely free. Google Keep can be accessible from anywhere on any device. It Supports Android, iOS, or even Desktop PC via the browser. It gives tough competition to widely used Evernote.

Now Google has been integrated Google Keep with Docs. Now you were wondering why we need that?. However, It will be really helpful to everyone who uses Google Docs.

While you were using Google docs, the Keep notepad can be accessed via the Tools menu. The Keep notes will appear in a side panel of the Docs. You can drag and drop your notes from the keep, and all formats will be preserved (The Checklist will become bullet points in the doc). If you have the ton of Keep notes, you can search through them to find what you want.

Google Docs is an online word processor that similarly work like Microsoft Word and Excel. That lets you create documents and allows working with multiple peoples. As said, Google Docs can be shared with multiple users, and this feature helps a lot to remotely workers. Anyone can take a quick note while out of office and add them to Google docs later on while editing the project.

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Every good thing comes with significant cons; The only downside is integration available on the web version of Google Docs. That means we cannot access this feature on Android or iOS apps. So we’ll have to wait till Google update its mobile versions of the Docs.

Google Keep Joined G Suite by Integrating into Docs. The G Suite is a bunch of software and products that developed by Google. It has included the number of products/software just like Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. G Suite is helpful for small to large business. Including “Keep” to G Suite definitely helps a lot to the G Suite users.

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