Google Map: Find Parking Availability With This New Feature


Due to increasing no of the vehicles each day, traffic and parking problem is growing at the same pace. People often stuck in traffic jam, or they did not get parking slot. Parking slot unavailability can bring fear to millions of people when they decide to leave for their offices or shopping. When they don’t get a free slot, they have to pay the heavy amount of money hourly basis. Higher car parking charges or unawareness of free car parking slot is increasingly limit trips by your car.

Now after googles finest creation ‘Google Map’, has launched its most awaiting feature ‘Parking difficulty’ will tell you how difficult parking is? Yes, now you can mentally prepare yourself before leaving your home. Google has launched this feature in 25 metros cities of the US only. This feature is currently available for the Android user. Google may plan soon to roll out this feature worldwide for all users.

How to use this feature

I’m sure you probably very excited to use this new feature and want to know how this feature works. If you want to see, how difficult it might be to park your vehicle at the destination you’re headed to. Just Get directions to your final destination and find the parking difficulty icon in the directions card in below of your phone’s screen. This will show parking destination availability as a small rounded “P” icon.

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These difficulties level are Limited, medium or easy. Google Map calculate this from Historical Database. This does not provide the live update, but give you a general idea about parking difficulty level.

Availability for Smartphone users

This most Google’s power packed feature is launched only for Android users and can be used in the US metro cities. Google has launched the first phase of this feature to these cities only – San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit,  Minneapolis/St. Paul, Portland, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington, DC, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Phoenix and Sacramento. This feature will be available for iOS users at a later stage.

This is another classic example after google map live traffic feature, which provides you details about live traffic updates. Google has already got the large user base, but this creation will surely add more users. Google have given a hint to improve this feature in future, and users will get live updates.

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