Google May Also Say Goodbye to Headphone Jack on Pixel 2


There are many rumors about Google’s new upcoming flagship pixel 2 smartphone. Yesterday, 9TO5Google reported that Google’s internal sources suggest, it may remove the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Company officials have not confirmed this news yet.

This trend is not new. Apple and Motorola have already ditched the 3.55mm Port. Apple’s iPhone 7 and Moto Z are the first one to remove standard and old fashioned jack port. Google is still designing the Pixel smartphone. If we believe on these rumors, we can expect the change in design. It may use Type –C headphone adaptor in Pixel 2 smartphone.

Many of us will have a thought in our mind, why the company wants to remove the headphone jack? There are many advantages of pulling the Standard Audio Jack port.

  1. Easier waterproofing- The Company has not included this feature in its phone yet. Almost all new flagships in the price band are water –resistant. This gives some hint that Google may take such steps.
  2. The trend of wireless headphone- Nowadays if we look the market trend, then sales of wireless headphones are going up. Now users do not want to use the old headphone jack. It’s not just Jack port but for example a wireless Keyboard, Mouse, Wi-Fi, etc.
  3. Today people are looking for sleek design and lightweight smartphone. We measure thickness in mm, so every bit of space counts. Removing the jack would allow more space for battery and will give more space for new technologies.
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As said, these are rumors only. No other secondary sources have confirmed this news yet. As of now, you can consider this news with a grain salt. Hope Company will come forward and may confirm this news soon. Stay tuned here for more news on pixel smartphone.


Avnish Kumar


Avnish Kumar

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