Google Pixel 2: Release confirmed with Premium Design


Google launched its first smartphones Google Pixel and Pixel XL last year in October. Senior Vice President (Hardware) at Google, Rick Osterloh has given some information about the new model by the company. Through his recent interview, Rick has informed about the upcoming Google Pixel 2.

There were rumors that Google Pixel 2 might come with an upgraded camera and other additional features. The news states that the new camera would improve the photography in poor light and include new features. The report claims that the new model will come with a better processor. There have been reports that Google would aim the recent markets to release the Pixel 2B model. It would come with lesser price than the Pixel 2. This will be done with an aim to introduce Google into the new markets.

Rick said in his interview that Pixel will stay the same. This means Google would not release low price model. Therefore, there would be no release of Google Pixel 2B. He also stated that Google would allow the other manufacturers of smartphones to go for lower price. The launch of Pixel 2 can be considered to be an annual event with Google. Google aims to follow the same this time as well. Google Pixel, as well as Pixel XL, were released last year in October. Therefore, it is expected that Google Pixel 2, as well as Pixel XL 2, will also be release in October 2017.

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All the major smartphones announced this year have Snapdragon 835 processor. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 might also have the same. As these models are about to come in later this year, they might also have the better version of Snapdragon 835 processor.

The HTC Company develops both Google Pixel along with Pixel XL. However, they are still referred like “Made by Google”. And they have an absence of any HTC logos or references. This year also, some popular smartphone company might manufacture the models of Google Pixel 2 as well as Pixel XL 2. However, there is still no news about which company it will be. With the possibility of better features in the new models, we look forward to some famous company taking the responsibility of developing the smartphones.

Are you ready to experience something new from Google? Then, you must wait for October to welcome the new smartphone models.

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