Google Pixel and Pixel XL Once Again Bugged With Bluetooth Issue!


It looks like Google Pixel is the new target for bugs. Not quite long back it was hit by an audio bug. Now, recent reports say that several Pixel and Pixel XL devices are encountering problems with their Bluetooth.

The device sold in big numbers as it came equipped with several cool features such as Daydream VR compatibility and Google Assistant. The Pixel series seems to be in trouble again.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth Issues

The new bug that has appeared turns off the Bluetooth of the device automatically without the user giving and command. Issues have been reported by the users on Google Pixel Community support website and Reddit too.

The users complained that their Bluetooth toggled off without them making any moves to turn it off. Even after turning it back on the bug seemed to turn it off again, the users added. Complaints also said that they tried to restart the device and look for the software, but there were no changes. The problem seems to be popping up again and again.

The bug could get irritating when users are connected to a Bluetooth headset while listening to music or speaking to someone.

The Problem is Not the Only One!

This problem has followed a battery problem that the company has taken out a solution and a patch to solve the problem will be rolled out shortly. The battery bug shuts down a few Pixel, and Pixel XL smartphones as the battery power goes down to 30%.

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Back in the month of December last year many Pixel and Pixel XL users reported problems in the speakers of the handset. According to the reports, users said that their speakers seemed to have some type of static distortion when they put the volume of their device at high levels.

There was popping and cracking sounds that came up when the volume of the device was high. A user had received replacements already, but the problem seemed to persist. The user had also floated a video on YouTube so everybody could clearly see and hear what the actual problem was.

What Might be the Reason?

Google had issued a February security patch for the devices. This Bluetooth problem seems to have started after this.

How to Fix the Bluetooth Problem on Pixel and Pixel XL?

Google hasn’t yet provided any fixes or solution to the bug that the users are facing lately. Google may take some time to look into the problem. As the problem is acknowledged on the Pixel community support website, the issue will be fixed in no time.

Pixel and Pixel X smartphones seem to be attracting bugs like magnets. There seems to be a trail of issues with their devices. It is high time Google took a drastic step to either solve these problems or come up with devices with better features.

Keeping the fingers crossed that the next patch wouldn’t bring along another bug with it!

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