Google Play Apparently Testing Revamped ‘My Apps’ Section With Sorting Option


Google Play Store is soon going to receive a redesign which will be included in its upcoming updates. The company is currently busy with testing the new Play Store update that will bring great visual changes in the app’s look. But the section which will be revamped highly is ‘My Apps’. Some of the much-needed facilities will be added in this section while the unnecessary ones will be removed.

The first big change will be witnessed in the tab placement of ‘My Apps’ section. Google Play store usually have 3 tabs under My apps labeled as Installed, all and Beta. But the new design will replace them with Updates, Installed and Library. Updates tab was highly needed to check if any updates are available for any app. After all, this is one of the main reasons users step into the Play Store app. So, adding this tab makes great sense. This new Updates tab will include all the apps which have received updates. Not just that rather it will also comprise of many more details such as the size of the updates, the release date of it along with a timeline of the update. The size of the updates is of much help to know how much space it needs for an update. And users can free up that space accordingly.

Next, comes the ‘Installed’ tab. Google has chosen to keep this tab unchanged that will have all the apps under it which users have on their Android device. But the new addition in this tab is the sorting option. The user will be able now to see the apps under the Installed tab with sorting options available. This option will let users to sort the apps by their size, alphabetically, the last update and by last used time. No doubt this will help the users a lot who wants to know the last time when they have used an app and can delete it to save some space in the device.

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With all these, the file size and the last used information of an app will be visually presented under each app name. So, Google is doing much more to aid the users in managing the apps perfectly. Another inclusion in the installed list is the ‘open button’ next to each app. Just a click on that button and users can launch the app directly from Play store. It makes things much easier whereas the current Play Store requires users to go to the item’s listing first to launch an app.

The third new tab is the Library that will showcase all the downloaded apps in the device. However, users will still be able to install updates either separately or in batch as required by them.

The Beta tab will be missing in the My Apps section, so users needs to adjust with it. Google is now testing these new features of Play store with very few users which will be later rolled on to all the users. However, any information regarding the rollout date of this update is not yet confirmed by the company.

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