Google Smart Home Speakers Launched at $129


The Wi-Fi enabled speakers that were announced during the Google I/O event back in May 2016 are finally up for pre-order. Dubbed as Google Home, these speakers are voice-activated and are powered by Google Assistant which is an upgraded version of Google Now. The new assistant is much smarter and learns quickly about the user. The Assistant gets activated by saying “Ok Google”.

The speakers completely work on the owner’s voice commands. You can ask Google Home to play music, podcast or radio from a variety of services like Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and much more. With the help of rich history in Search, Google Home is capable of answering the questions like weather, traffic, sports, finance, business, etc.

By giving permission to use personal information and learn about the user, the Google Home speakers can pull out travel information, set alarms or timers and even give details about the traffic while driving.

With Google Home speakers, the user has the full control over the smart devices like Chromecast, Nest, and Philips Hue. With just a voice command, you can set the temperature of the room, dim or lit-up the lights or stream videos on your TV.

The device has Far-field voice recognition which ensures that the speakers can hear you reliably. The speakers in different rooms can be clubbed together to play a similar playlist. The touch controls on the top of the speakers give you the additional control. With a single touch, the microphone on the speakers go in standby/mute mode.

The speakers come with customizable bases. All you need is to do is twist and pull the speakers out of the base. As it comes in seven different color options, you can choose any base to suit your room’s décor and the environment.

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Features of the Google Home Smart Speakers

  • You can set alarms and timers on the speakers.
  • Features are Calculator and Calendar is accessible with simple voice commands.
  • You can access a dictionary via speakers.
  • By learning more about your personal life, speakers can pull out your flight details and meet schedules as well.
  • The speakers are capable of controlling smart devices at home like Philips Hue etc.
  • You can ask speakers about the current events, news, weather report and much more.
  • The Google Assistant can narrate nutritious recipes, update shopping list, etc.

Google is planning to open the Home to developers as well along with Assistant SDK. This will allow the developers to come up with more apps and hardware that is compatible with the speakers. In future, Google Home will be able to book a taxi or movie tickets for you!

Google Home speakers will go on sale in the US from November 4th, 2016. The MRP of the speakers is USD 129 a pop. If you are planning to equip your entire home with these speakers, you may need up to 3-6 pieces depending on the size of the house. The device will head to the UK very soon. As of now, there is no word from Google about its release in India and other parts of the World.

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