Google Will Soon Remove A Large Number Of Apps From Play Store For Violate User Data Policy


Google is now serious to make the use of Google Play Store much safer to the users. Earlier we heard that Google hinted about monitoring the Play Store closely for keeping an eye on the privacy policy loyalty by apps. Now the search engine giant started sending notices to app developers around the world mentioning it will soon limit visibility. Google also mentioned that they may delete the apps from Google Play Store that violate user data policy.

The reason behind taking this step by Google is to find out those apps that snoop on user data. It will surely affect the fake apps that are mainly created to steal user data. The app developers who will ignore the notice and will not make any changes to their app’s functionality- Google will remove their apps from Google Play Store. The last date to include privacy policy by the app developers is 15 March. If they fail to do so, then Google will either limit their visibility or remove their apps.

According to a source, the notice says developers need to provide a valid privacy policy especially when the app requests for sensitive user data information like contacts, camera, accounts, microphone, etc.

Commenting on this news, Jack Cooney, the developer of Hip Hop Ninja app told, that it is a fantastic step taken by Google. It will increase the visibility of the original apps by clearing Google Play Store from junk apps. Also, the search term will be less cluttered.

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The developers who hold a clean privacy policy and run authentic apps will be benefitted by this decision as it will remove the fake apps and increase the visibility of their original apps. In other words, users will be able to install apps without the worry of stealing their important data.

Even though a ton of apps may get deleted from Google Play Store but it will make Google Play more useful to the users. You will see there are over thousands of zombie apps that do not get any update for years and most of them turn to be useless by android’s newer versions. Also, you might have found it difficult sometimes to find the exact app that you were looking for.

Not just Zombie apps, any app that will not have privacy policy added by the developers will be removed from the Play Store. However, as the last date to add privacy policy by the app developers is 15 March, so we need to wait at least a month to see a cleaner store. We must say that this is a strong move taken by the search engine giant to protect user data.

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