Government India to Offer Free Wi-Fi to Over 1,000 Villages


With the tech giants being in a perplexed state to provide free Wi-Fi connection in the rural sector of India, now the Indian government has ruled out all the complexities and hurdles by planning to five out free Wi-Fi connection as many as 1050 villages in different parts of the country. This pilot project taken up by the Indian Government is termed as “Digital Village”.

Under Digital Village project of the Indian Government, the villages might get the free Wi-Fi Internet connection within the next six months. Each village will have its own Wi-Fi hotspot that will be mounted on top of a special tower with the help of which the residents of the villages can connect their cell phones and other devices to run the Internet connection with enhanced speed and performance.

The initial phase of the plan Digital Village will cost around 62 million US dollars to the Indian Government, and with the passage of time and success rate, this plan will be extended to the other parts of the country as well. An official named Aruna Sundararajan who works for the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology claimed that the plan “Digital Village” is aimed at providing basic development services to the rural areas of the country with the use of digital technology. The overall advancement and the implementation of technology will strive towards providing interactive education to the students of the villages and at the same time, enhancing the medical services as well as the basic Internet access and connection.

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The existing government of India plans to stretch out and install the optical fiber as the internet cables across the landscape of the country. In the recent time, the role of Internet in the modernization and in promoting the overall growth and development of the nation has been of immense importance. Owing to the importance, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi also launched the “Digital India” innovative plan which aims to take the nation to another level by the digital empowerment of the country. India is now attempting to move towards a more advanced and digital economy after the demonetization move taken by the government of India.

Digital Village plan could serve as a key player in the global marketplace to be observed by the domestic Internet providers and the technology companies of the International level by tapping into the unconnected vast population of around 900 million Indians.

It was back in 2015 that the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had claimed that with millions of Indians living in the rural areas who do not have access to the Internet, it is quite difficult to provide the Internet access to so many people who do not have even the basics of the Internet and its usage. Proving his statements on the false pool, the Indian Government has taken up the initiative to globalize the Indian villages through the program “Digital Village” which will transform the lives of several rural Indian in a better way.

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