Honda’s new innovating motorcycle that can balance all by itself


Those who drive a two wheeler know how difficult it can be to balance it on low speeds. Heavier bikes are even more difficult to balance, and it may cause accidents if you commit even a small mistake. The engineers are working hard around the world to come up with a solution to the problems that bikers face. The balancing is one of them and in fact the most important one.

Honda has been innovating a lot

The Japanese company Honda is known for its innovations and robotics. Generally, a gyroscope can be added to avoid any accident due to imbalance, but it can add a lot of weight to the bike. The engineers at Honda have developed some innovative products in the past like Honda’s ASIMO Robot and a self-balancing scooter called the UNI-CUB. The new experimental bike is based on the system used in these two devices.

The balancing mechanism of experimental bike

The working of the experimental motorcycle is quite impressive. At a lower speed up to 3 miles per hour, the angle of the front fork automatically lowers down to provide stability. At the same to the left and right adjustments of the steering are automatically done to ensure the bike retains the balance. So much so, the bike can balance itself with or without the rider’s support.

Such technology can be very useful while pulling out the bike from the garage or when you stop at the street light. Honda has proved itself as one of the pioneers in automobiles and it continues to amaze its followers with some very innovative products. As of now, there are no words when or if Honda is going to use this technology in its bikes, but it is a good start as a whole.

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Honda is not alone

There are a number of different companies are working on experimental motorcycles. These bikes look like some product of the future. A few months ago BMW revealed Motorrad Vision Next 100 which presented the future of motorcycling. A lot of accidents happen every year which involved bike riders. It is very important to come up with a different type of solutions to make the ride safer for the users.

Honda, BMW, Harley, etc. are some of the companies which are very much concerned about the technology and safety. These companies keep on upgrading the security systems in their bikes. It is true that the bikes these companies produce are quite expensive. But when it comes to safety, money should not matter that much.

All over the world, the deaths that occur in road accidents involve a maximum number of bikers. Unlike cars, bikes do not have a metal cocoon around them and often cause serious injuries. While getting slower on the road, there is a very much chance that your bike may slip. It is because a bike can only stay in proper balance while at a higher speed. To counter the issue, the innovation by Honda can change the future of biking. A number of accidents are the result of sudden imbalance due to low speed. The number of accidents can go down with this technology.

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