Indian Born and Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella Will Visit India Later This Month.


Microsoft’s Indian-born CEO will visit India later this month. He will be here to attend Microsoft’s ‘Future Decode’ event. Satya Nadella is great leader and lover of technology. People are very excited and waiting for this event.  This event is the very big event and will resolve around the use of technology in different areas. This event will surely help India to grow fast. Around 1500 businessman, political people may join this event.

This meeting is more important because of immigrant’s visa issue. Recently Trump’s administration has announced new visa policy. America has banned five Muslim countries. These countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. As part of this decision, Trump wants to keep all Islamic terrorist out of America. Satya is the veteran leader and opposing this act from starting. According to him such ban will stop the talent inflow. Microsoft’s employee is affected by this law. He is one the leader who is advocating against this. He might talk about this issue as well in India.

Recently Google’s CEO Sunday Pichai also addressed their employees in his office. This rally was joined by Google CEO Sundar Pichai and CO-founder Sergey Brin. They have shown strong protest against this and asked to take this law back. Satya has visited India many times before this. He is one the few technology lover who is opposing this VISA issue. He said as immigrant CEO, he has experienced and seen the positive impact on our company and world.

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Many Companies across the world has slammed this Trump’s decision. An executive from Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Top American companies are involved in this. These all people are part of this protest. They had announced to continue to fight. This giant move will surely help to take back this decision. Microsoft has reported, 76 Microsoft employee will be affected by this decision. Recently Google’s 187 people were affected due to this immigrant visa issue. Google had announced to help their employee with all logistical support. The Google and its workers have raised more than $4 million for this crisis. This money will help to support immigrants and refugees rights.

This event is planned in Mumbai India on 21 – 22 February. Microsoft chief will address many business and political leaders. 1500 people are expected to participate in this event. Discussion will be around how digital technology will help empowering the people. New digital technologies across the world are changing with the faster pace, and each country should cope with this. Digital technologies are changing the way we work. This Event will focus on E-services. Digital technology will help hospitals, banks education, and entertainment industry. People like Tamilnadu CM, Former director general of Mi5, Tata Motors will present in this event. This event is the most important event for India. This will help India in various fields.

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