iPhone 6 Plus Explodes At middle of Night In Florida


Smartphone burning incident is nothing new to us as we all have heard about that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion while it was launched in the market. However, that issue is resolved by now while another similar incident has already happened to scare us again. This incident is about an iPhone 6 Plus explosion that is been witnessed by a couple in Palm Harbor, Florida. Amanda Bentz, the owner of the exploded iPhone, shared the scary story which is really very frightening that left their life at big risk.

She was sleeping in the bedroom with her new iPhone keeping on the charge in the nightstand and only woke by a shhhhh sound just to find out that her iPhone was set on fire. It was around 3 am in the early morning that left the couple speechless in fear. Then her husband somehow managed to smoother the flame by covering a shirt soon otherwise the flame would have spread to the curtains and bed sheet as well. They are still in shock and stated that they have been able to escape from this scary flame only because she is a light sleeper. Her face was very close to the phone so things could have been even worse if that sound did not wake her up.

Amanda’s iPhone 6 Plus is now a cracked glass and heap of melted plastic. This incident has worried the couple such a way that they are scared to have any phone in their bedroom while sleeping. Smartphone explosion incidents we have heard earlier also while some have witnessed in their own, but this one is really very daunting that could have snatched the life of two.

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The local TV station WFLA was first to broadcast this news, and it was then when the incident came to Apple’s eyes. However, the company did not delay at all and reached to incident soon. They offered a new replacement to the couple putting a hold on the destroyed iPhone owner Amanda’s credit card for $749. Apple has asked the couple to ship back that destroyed device, and the money will be refunded to her upon arriving the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were exploring mainly due to the defective batteries as both the manufacturers had delivered defective batteries accidentally. But with the real cause being identified the company has been able to resolve the issue soon. However, the actual reason behind such terrible incident iPhone 6 Plus explosion is still not clear, and it is expected that a deep research by Apple will definitely reveal the actual cause.

This incident is really terrifying which have put many of the iPhone 6 Plus owners in a deep thought. And we all are really worried to keep the phone aside while sleeping, be it any Smartphone.

However, let’s hope that the reason for such explosion gets clear soon and the company come out with a solid solution to prevent any kind of explosion in the near future.

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