Iron Man’s Jarvis is a reality – It is now ‘owned’ by Mark Zuckerberg!


Do you remember the AI assistant Jarvis from Iron Man? Well, Jarvis is a reality now! Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has developed an artificial intelligence system inspired by the fictional character Jarvis. Mark has recently added a video to his Facebook profile describing the challenges he faced while building the AI robot. He took it as a challenge at the beginning of 2016 and completed it by the year end. The AI robot can now do simple tasks like making toast for him, play music, operate lights, let the known people enter the house and entertain Mark’s daughter Max. His wife Priscilla is also using the robot at home and the videos posted by both of them looks promising.

What we saw as a science fiction in a lot of movies in now becoming a reality. With the launch of Google Home and Amazon Echo, the world is moving towards an unexplored field of communication with the machine. With the help of one central system, you can now control a lot of appliances at home. If that central system can reply you in a human manner, it is icing on the cake. This is what Mark had in his mind, and he has developed a good system as per his requirement.

Jarvis can do a lot, and it is learning every day!

The AI robot at Zuckerberg’s home can also play games with the home members. It can warn the couple if Max starts moving out of the room. He can choose music and movies based on the previous records. According to Mark, Jarvis manages to choose the perfect song for him most of the times. The system is designed to learn from the user’s behavior and save the information for future reference. In case it fails to play the desired genre, Mark can just tell him to choose something else in the desired genre, and the system will immediately shift.

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When someone comes at his home, Jarvis clicks the photographs and send them to Mark. In case the visitors are known to the system like Mark’s parents, Jarvis will let them in. By the looks, it seems like you can also tell Jarvis whom to allow in or near the home. Mark is trying to add classic lines in the response. For e.g. if someone asks the AI robot to play a track which is not available, the system will reply in a classic tone rather than harsh one like ‘I’m sorry, Priscilla. I’m afraid I can’t do that.'”. This makes the conversation more humane and close to the heart.

The future is promising

The main aim of any AI robot is to make the life easier. Jarvis has the potential for it. It will definitely take some time to make it a sell-able product. Meanwhile, Mark is taking full advantage of the system. He is teaching the robot to learn itself and continuously modifying its code so that it can perform properly. In the coming one or two years, we can expect a standalone product by Facebook which will operate the whole home for you. And yes, in case you do not want to talk to Jarvis, you can simply text him as well!

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