Kingston Unveiled USB Flash Drive with Built-In Keypad


The US-based multinational company Kingston Technology Corporation develops, manufactures, sells and supports different type of computer memory and flash memory products. Since 1987, the company has come a long way and produced some of the finest products for the global market. Kingston’s DataTraveler flash drives and memory cards are very famous in almost all global markets. The company’s main competition is with companies like SanDisk and Sony.

Different variants and price

The company has announced new series of DataTraveler USB flash drives in the Indian market. Dubbed as DataTraveler 2000 or DT2000, the device has unique features to enhance the security. It comes with alphanumeric keypad which makes it easy to lock the device. It is available in three variants. The first one that is 16 GB has the MRP of Rs.10000/-. The second variant is 32 GB which has the MRP of Rs.14000/-. The last one is the 64 GB which comes with the price tag of Rs.18000/-. All the variants are available in both online and offline retail outlets.

Security features

The device comes with hardware encryption and PIN protection. The built-in alphanumeric keypad offers millions of combination to secure your data. If you want to access the data, you have to enter the password which can be alphabetic or numeric or alphanumeric combination. In case you enter the wrong password 10 times, the device will self-destruct. It also comes with auto-lock feature which gets activated as soon as you remove the drive from the computer.

Hardware and software level encryption

The new flash drive is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. It comes with full disk AES 256-bit data encryption with XTS mode. This means that you do not need any software or hardware drivers on the host device to access the content on the drive. The device comes with FIPS 197 certification which is frequently requested corporate IT requirement. It has a durable design which protects the drive from the damage caused by water and dust.

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In today’s time, companies and government agencies prefer to store the data and sensitive information in digital format. It is very common to come across different problems related to transferring data from one place to another. Apart from obvious issues like device failure etc., one major issue is the data protection. In the case of law enforcement agencies and corporate agencies, the security and safety of the data are very important. Such devices come in handy while transferring sensitive data from one place to another.

When it comes to data security, companies like Kingston spend a lot on research and development. The latest device introduced by Kingston in the Indian market will help not only big corporate companies but also government agencies to keep the sensitive information safe. India is going through a digital revolution. The government is working hard to ensure that it reduces the use of paper in every single government office. A lot of information has to be kept secret, and there are chances of theft while transferring it from one office to another. DT2000 will help a lot of agencies in the safe transfer.

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