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The latest version of Opera web browser i.e. Opera 43 is out. The company has launched the software with a number of new futuristic features. Krystian Kolondra who is the Opera’s executive vice president issued a statement about the update version of the browser. He said that this is the fastest version released by the company. There is a new feature embedded in the software that is called “instant page loading”. This technology has incorporated a futuristic predictive technology that calls the web page and loads it before the user finishes typing its full web address.

Self-learning browser

Kolondra said in his statement that the new version of the software will become smarter with time. It will keep on learning from the user’s web browsing history and will incorporate the websites that are attached to URL inputs. Let’s take an example here. Imagine if a user frequently visits the New York Times website and opens it at least once every day. In this case, the software will associate the website with the address and will begin to call different elements of the website before the user inputs the complete web address in the address bar.

He also said that when you search for something in the address bar, the software will call the website which is more likely to be clicked and save it in the background. He mentioned in his statement that Opera not only learns from the user’s behavior but also when the current page uses the < link rel=prerender … > tag.

Profile Guided Optimization

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In addition to the above mentioned revolutionary feature, Opera now comes with Profile Guided Optimization also known as PGO. This technique can convert instructions into a language that is understandable by the computer. It learns about the best usage scenarios and improves the software’s performance by reducing the use of the local processor.

Kolondra mentioned in the statement that the PGO enabled Opera to load the page 13 percent faster on a computer with Intel’s Core i7-4600 processor (2,1GHz) and running on a 32-bit copy of Windows 7. The new features optimize the most important parts of the Opera including the browser engine which increases the speed. When you compare it with Opera 42, the latest version saw speed improvements of 60.3 percent with Speedometer, 3.35 percent in Octane and 7.7 percent in JetStream.

Classic link selection

Another feature that Opera 43 comes with is the “classic link selection”. This feature allows the user to select the text within a link without activating the link. The user can now select the text without any issues by simply clicking and dragging the cursor horizontally. To drag the link, the user can simply use a vertical click and drag method.

The latest announcement about the Opera Neon browser compliments the updated version of the mainstream version of Opera. The upcoming Opera Neon concept browser will have a sidebar with different features like a download manager, image gallery, and video player. It will also include a vertical tab bar located on the right side so that tabs are more visually separated.

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