Law enforcement agencies hit cyber criminal organizations all around the world


Cyber criminals are attacking computers on a daily basis. There are many cyber criminal groups active around the world. These groups are responsible for sending malware to the vulnerable computers. These emails also create botnet network for the cyber criminals. These networks are generally a large group of zombie computers. They act as a route to send phishing emails and spyware software around the world. According to recent studies, these botnets send almost 1 million emails every week.

The internal raids to nab cyber criminals

On Wednesday, police in 10 countries organized raids to hunt down the cyber criminals. In a press release, German police have informed the media about the raids. They have seized 30 servers and several thousand domains. This has deprived criminals of the access of over 50000 computers in Germany alone.

The investigators have arrested two members of “AVALANCHE” in Ukraine and one in Berlin. Just a week ago 900,000 routers of Deutsche Telecom got infected with malicious software. The attack was not quite successful. But, the attack froze the routers. It caused outages in homes, offices and businesses all across Germany.

The financial loss is much more than we can expect

Investigators also told that the criminals gave access to other criminals as well. They used to send out phishing and spam emails. They were also sending ransomware which is a form of an online extortion scheme. Official said that the impact of the network was several million Euros.

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The authorities have identified 16 suspected leaders in 10 different countries. They are now working to nab them as soon as possible. A court in Verden, Northern Germany has also issued arrest warrants for seven people. These seven people have involvement in cyber criminal activities.

The law enforcement agencies were after this organization from the last four years. The specialists from 41 different countries were taking part in the investigation. The enforcement agencies didn’t want to take any chances. They organized group raids to make sure they cause damage to the criminals to a large extent.

Unlike the crimes we hear about in our daily life, the cyber crimes can be much more dangerous. The intensity of the crime is based on the intentions of the hacker. These large organizations can cause serious damage to the financial sector in any country. Unfortunately, most of the internet users around the world are not aware of the measures they have to take to be safe. From simple online scams to sophisticated phishing scams are causing a financial loss on a daily basis. The law enforcement agencies are bringing in white hat hackers or ethical hackers in their teams. These hackers can help in understanding the working of these cyber criminals.

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