Lenovo Launches Yoga A12 Convertible Android Tablet


Lenovo’s Yoga A12 is here to change the trend of the convertibles tablets, which are already in the market. Convertibles have usually been seen operating on Microsoft Window’s 10 while Yoga A12 will be seen running Google’s Android system made of aluminum and magnesium.

Today Lenovo launched the Yoga A12 Android tablet with a Halo keyboard. The tablet will be made available for purchase from this Wednesday. For now, you can buy Yoga A12 from Lenovo’s online stores. Yoga A12 has been designed keeping in mind the buyers who look for both class and quality that falls in a budgeted price. Yoga A12 is being said to be a budgeted version of the premium Yoga Book 2-in-1.

Look of Yoga A12 Convertible

The convertible tablet comes in two color variants – gunmetal gray and rose gold. Lenovo has designed Yoga A12 to be sleek and slim with measurements of just 5.44mm for its thickness. It is light to carry and weighs about less than a kilogram. Lenovo Yoga A12 has a 12.2 inch HD touch screen which seems to be a bit bigger than the Yoga Book that had a display of 10.1 inches. The 12.2-inch glass comes with a coating of anti-glare, so your eyes don’t get tired.

Specs and features

Yoga A12 uses Intel Atom x5 processor to power itself which has been backed by a 2GB RAM and a 32GB storage capacity. Lenovo also stated that the convertible tablet has been equipped with hybrid UI and Google Productivity Suite along with the Halo keyboard to prepare a report or design a presentation. It also features two Dolby Atmos speakers.

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The most outstanding feature of Yoga A12 is its Halo keyboard. The keyboard has a flat design with touch screen buttons for easy and smooth operation. The keyboard also lights up, vibrates with haptic feedback. Lenovo had introduced Halo keyboard first in its Yoga Book. According to Lenovo, the Halo keyboard has been designed to learn and adapt the ways of its user’s typing habits. There are a built-in prediction and artificial software which has been assigned for this task.

There are four modes which you can flip the Yoga A12 into through the 360-degree hinge. You can easily browse, work or watch on various surfaces, settings, and environments. The tablet runs for a continuous 13 hours on a complete charge. Yoga A12 has been priced at $299/ Rs. 20,000.

Lenovo Says…..

In one of their press statements Lenovo also said that in a recent search to know what works best for the users, several questions about their choice of operating system and daily computing requirements were asked to these users living in different parts of the world. The company discovered a section of users who grew up using Android on either smartphones or tablet. The users didn’t want to compromise between Android and productivity when given a choice. A tablet or smartphone experience can be flawlessly extended to a PC, which is why the Lenovo came up with the Yoga A12.

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