The LG G6 Will Come with Snapdragon 821 Instead of the 835


The flagship smartphone by LG i.e. G6 is scheduled to be officially launched on February 26th, 2017. The rumors, leaks and all the information that is available about the phone clearly state that the phone is coming with some really interesting specs. G5 came with modular design which will not continue in G6 and LG is going to stick with the more traditional approach with near bezel-less display. It may include a dual-camera setup and LG’s own mobile payment system as well. The processor, however, has been a hot topic for the debate among experts.

As per the reports, the Snapdragon 835 is in mass production by Samsung. As Qualcomm and Samsung are in important partnership for the processor, there is a very much chance that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will come with this powerful processor. Now, there were rumors that LG G6 will also get 835 SoC but it turned out to be false after all. It is now almost confirmed that the phone will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor.

The source

Talking about the source of this information is a confidential slide of LG presentation. It is a matter of debate why LG is going to come with a chipset from the past for its flagship model. The answer to that question will actually blow your mind. Any company that wants to come with 835 processor in its phone has to wait for extra 2-3 months as the Samsung will not allow any clash between S8 and any other company’s phone with a similar chipset. If we talk about the customers, they will be happy to wait another 2-3 months for LG G6 if it promises to come with latest SoC, but from the business point of view, it is better for LG to come with 821 SoC.

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It is a wise decision to go with 821 SoC

Snapdragon 821 is a very powerful piece of hardware, and it fulfills the main demand of the customer that the phone should be able to send tweets, photos, videos, etc. quicker than other models in the market. Using Snapdragon 821 is a wise decision because in that case, LG does not have to wait for Samsung to launch S8 and then wait again for a couple of months to get its hands on the latest SoC. As the phone will be announced on February 26th, the company will have good six months to lead in the market with the flagship model.

Apart from the confirmation about the processor, the leaked photo also tells about the placement of the fingerprint scanner which is going to be on the back panel. Also, the phone will be dust and water resistant.

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